The Necessary Reboot (StoryADay Post)

During the 1980s, especially the year 1985, there was a little cartoon called “Ultraponies” that came on TV every Saturday. The characters Citrody, Cinnaris, Popconica, and Velventine captured the hearts of many little girls in the United States.

But it didn’t last because when the 1980s ended, so did the show.

During the 1990s, “Ultraponies” was forgotten in favor of shows such as “Space Wizards”, “Doctor Mighty” and “Magic Monkey Girls”. Also, the fact that Disney had a huge stranglehold over the 1990s didn’t help much in the cartoon department.

But that too didn’t last, as in the 2000s, Saturday morning cartoons were being phased out in favor of shows aimed at preteens and teenagers. These shows, such as “The Darrisons”, “Life at Walker Middle School”, and “Jenny Sweets”, began to chip away at the innocence of children by subjecting them to various things such as peer pressure/bullying, child abuse, and even homosexuality, which the producers tried to hide in these shows.

But Oscar McNeil at Cloudgraphs Studio refused to go down that road. So he revived “Ultraponies” in order to destroy these so-called “teen shows” and make Saturday morning cartoons fun (and mandatory for children) once again.

But will he succeed? Can “Ultraponies” find popularity with a new audience? Who knows what’s going to happen.