All’s Fair in Love and Death

The story about Hadassah Trichenberg and William Pennington was a story full of tragedy. While Hadassah lived in a beautiful palace, William lived in a crumbling manor in near-poverty. Yet he was a member of the Russian imperial court, which meant he could see Hadassah, but her cruel fiance refused to allow anyone near her. (Plus, the fool was sleeping with Hadassah’s older brother Branislav, Something that greatly upset her.)

But when Hadassah and William fell in love, a great and terrible war had broken out in Europe. While the war was being fought, Hadassah begged the czar to break off the engagement so she could marry William. Abram was angry and he sought to make Hadassah pay for breaking the engagement, first by killing William on the Neva River during a battle, and then having the entire royal family killed in their beds. Yet Hadassah herself died after giving birth to her only child Nichollo, who was then given to her older brother Milorad to raise.

And so, a sad death ends what should have been a great romance.

Prompt #41. A romance that ends in tragedy.