These Times Have Certainly Changed

“I really don’t see why we have to watch this E.T. movie,” said Gani Tolentino to Mosheh Polack as they stood in line at The Orbit Theater. Everyone they knew had begged them to watch E.T. for weeks; the boys agreed to watch it to satisfy their families and friends. “Why couldn’t we stay at home and play Nintendo instead?”

“I don’t know,” said Mosheh. “It’s like everyone forgot that Lianna Pablo disappeared a few months ago. She’s probably dead somewhere, if not in another town. Just as long as they can find something stupid to watch, they’re happy.”

“Yeah,” said Gani. “My mom’s getting annoyed with me because I’m spending all my time playing Dungeons & Dragons instead of playing outside like a normal kid. It’s like she forgot I turned 13 years old about a month ago.”

“Parents,” said Mosheh. “You can’t live with them, and you can’t live without them. that’s just the way it is.”

Just then, the theater manager came and announced that the movies were canceled because of a power outage. Many people were disappointed, but Gani and Mosheh weren’t.

Prompt #44. A story that takes place the year you were born.