The Unparty

Never have I ever been so angry in my life!

It started when I wanted to stay home and watch that new TV show, but my parents forced me to go to this party that this kid from my high school was having. They believed that going to her party would be great for me, but I knew better. that girl was a liar who plays with stuffed toys and talks to imaginary friends even if she’s 15 years old. I tried to explain that to them, but they refused to listen to me. In fact, my mother said, “Either you’re going to this party or you won’t watch any TV for a month.” And she meant it too.

So, I’m now at her party, which (to my disappointment) consisted of nerds and losers from the school. I called the police, pretending to be a neighbor complaining about the noise, but how was I to know that the police officer who came to the house was her own father? I had no choice but to fake getting sick and asking my parents to bring me home.

Well, all I know was that while I’m enjoying the show I was almost banned from watching, I was never going to live down the fact that I was forced to go to a party for a girl I dismissed as “crazy“, but I didn’t even get to know her.

I’m so angry.

Prompt #46: A story about anger.