Doll Karma

There is a spell that could give you anything you wanted; like all spells, this spell comes with a price few people could afford to pay.

But I didn’t care; I wanted to use that spell to make people like me, despite the fact that I was gay. I didn’t care about what the consequences; I just wanted people to respect me and accept my choices. Plus, I didn’t like those so-called “Christians” and their false philosophy that God did not want a man to lie with another man.

But I should have paid attention to the fine print, as I had performed the spell, I found myself changing into something undesirable. I looked into the mirror and found myself as a doll.

I had turned into a doll. And it was all because of my selfishness, too. What a fool I was.

It’s too bad that those who wanted people to like them and tolerate their sinful ways end up becoming dolls. I never should have used that spell at all, and now, I’m stuck as a doll for the rest of my life.

Yeah, that sucks.

Prompt #47. A story about a magic spell.