Small Town Mystery

Well, I haven’t the slightest clue why my family and I are living in Cloydston, Virginia. The city is small, with only a population of about 800 people. the streets are narrow, the buildings are at least a century old, and I’m sure there’s hardly a place for a family of four to go for amusement.

Also, our theater is so outdated that by the time the movies get to the theaters, they’re already out on DVD.

That’s how backwards our town is.

Plus, there’s no way anyone can leave this town, not unless you were stupid enough to do so. But when our family moved to that town, four people apparently died when a tree fell on top of their car.

I’m sure something odd is going on with our town if every time someone new comes here and people die.

I find that highly suspicious.

But when I saw a family of seven moving into the house next door to mine, I was sure that before the day was done, seven people were going to die…

Prompt #48. A story set in a strange small town.