The Real Truth about Atlantis

So, what’s really going on in Atlantis?

It’s not the lost city of Atlantis that everyone knows about, it’s about an entire planet called Atlantis. While I want to say something good about the planet, I’m afraid I can’t.

Not as far as the people living in the Ainysian Valley, that was.

According to the story “Attack on Fandom”, the Ainysian people were created using foul sorcery in the Ainysian Valley and the Titans existed to destroy their enemies.

While the people of Ainysia were good, their creators were wicked men who sought to use them to control the world. The wise men of Atlantis prayed to the gods to deal with the wicked men and their Titanic monsters, only to unknowingly unleash the Biblical Great Flood. The flood drowned both Atlanteans and Ainysians as well as the Titans. The survivors were returned to Atlantis, but the Ainysians were punished for existing by being imprisoned on an inhospitable island called Nefaria; they were expected to die in a number of generations.

After a number of years, a group of Ainysians returned to Earth, where they live among the unsuspecting humans and protect them from the monsters that lurk in the shadows.

Prompt #50. A creation myth.