Token Heat

I’ve heard many people telling stories about what happens when you want to change your ways. I believed that once you’re gay, you’re always going to be gay. There’s no getting around it. You can’t get rid of it, nor can you pretend it never happened. You’re stuck in it, for better or for worse.

Then I learned that homosexuality was not God’s plan for humankind, and he punished such homosexual behaviors according to his word. Right now, I was being punished for breaking God’s rules.

What can I do to make him not be angry with me? I have tried liking women, but I failed. It’s not their fault I couldn’t date them. My mom has long given up on becoming a grandparent, and I’m sure my brothers and their children don’t want me in their lives.

Yet, can you change your ways?

I say, yes you should. Anyone can change who they are; they don’t have to live that messed-up, broken life. They can change by the will of god. God will never say no to a heart willing to change.

Yet, will he say no to mine, knowing what I’ve done in the past?