Stale Grapes News – Man Found Living in City Park; Program to End Homelessness Blamed ~ by Jay Parrish

Sadie Canyon News
Sadeliade Canyon, Arizona
January 13, 2013

Today, the Sadeliade Police Department discovered a 22-year-old man living in a camp near the city park. the man in question, Dustin Lindsay, was arrested for homelessness and his possessions confiscated. While the chief of police has yet to release a public statement detailing the arrest, most of the general public blamed the charity Rainbow Shelters Inc., an organization to help homeless gay teenagers and young adults find jobs and housing.

“It’s a shame that this poor young man has to endure this,” said an unnamed young woman. “I don’t know why [Rainbow Shelters] hasn’t done more to help him. It’s so sad that he might have to spend a year or two in prison because he lived next to the park.”

Yet several other people don’t share her sentiments, as one man said, “I don’t know why people aren’t doing more to stop this. That man could have been a sexual predator, as he lived in a park where our children played. Any one of those children could have been a victm and we wouldn’t have known about it until it was too late.”

Another woman said, “I wonder why the man couldn’t find a Christian organization to help him with his problems, as Rainbow Shelters doesn’t seem to care about him at all.”

The city council will plan a meeting regarding this issue later this week.