Rising from Pride – FAWM Song

I am not your victim
I am not a survivor
I am not a hero
I am not strong

I am not special
I am ordinary
I am just like every other person you know

You say that you are the thing that you’re not supposed to be
You say it defines you, but you’re letting it destroy you
How can you be happy when you’re trapped in your own sins
When will you learn to let the thing go and become the person you were meant to be?

But as for me, I am more than what you want to say about me
I am not to be defined by the evils you want to put on me
I’m rising up and I’m going to take you down
I’m going to show you where you went wrong
I will show you a better way to live your life

You say you are that thing you’re not supposed to be
That thing is destroying your soul
You say you want it and its killing you
You have to let it go

You’re not strong
You’re not smart
You’re not brave
If you continue to live this way

You must let it go
You must repent
You must give up or else you will die

But you cannot let them become your tormentors
They will not want to be your victims
You must learn to give up now|
Because the thing that you want is only killing you…