The Doll Maker (StoryADay)

Who is the Doll Maker?

They say he’s talented in what he does; no two dolls he makes are the same. However, I’m suspicious about that, knowing there was something going on with how the Doll Maker makes his dolls. I mean, what did he have that the other toymakers didn’t have? I mean, the other toy makers make their dolls the same, meaning there‚Äôs no individuality among the dolls. Nevertheless, the Doll Maker makes sure to give each doll he makes its own personality. It’s like he treats the dolls like they’re living people and not something to be played with.

But I was told to stay away from the Doll Maker and the dolls he made, as my family wanted me to play with the ugly plastic dolls that came from toy stores, dolls that would fall apart after you play with them for several weeks.

Well, I didn’t care. I wanted the dolls the doll maker created, not those plastic dolls.

I went to the doll shop and the dolls there stared at me, as if they knew I was coming. Just then, the doll maker lifted up his head and stared at me, holding a doll in his hand. This whimsically stylized 10 inch doll is sewn from cloth and appears to be a young woman. She has dark brown eyes, a pale complexion, and wavy light brown hair neatly braided. She is proportionately short and a bit pudgy. Her stitched-on face has a calm expression. She is wearing a fantasy-style formal outfit in vivid magenta and vivid pink.

In short, the doll looked just like me.

I gasped, knowing how the Doll Maker knew how to make his dolls. The dolls were actually the little girls who came into his shop, but never came out. And it was too late for me to run.