The Former Singer (StoryADay)

He was a famous singer who had a great life. He wrote many hit songs, threw parties and even starred in several movies.

But in the midst of the fame, he made a mistake. That mistake cost him everything. He lost his fame, his fans, and his career.

Nowadays, he lives in a small apartment, which is so different from the mansion he once had. No one hears his music anymore, and not even Hollywood wants him in their movies.

But he’ll do anything to save his dying career.

Toy Time  

“You cheated, Susie!” Humphrey snapped as he saw Susie and Tierra gather the squares to their side of the board. The toys were playing “Lord of the Rings” Trivial Pursuit, as it was international gaming day. So far, Susie and Tierra were beating the other teams, which consisted of Ryan and Leroy, Kerry and Bella, and Humphrey. “Why are you doing that??”

“Too bad you don’t have any teammates,” Susie mocked him.

“And you just had to have the genius on your team,” Humphrey yelled. “Why is that?”

“Because Tierra is better than you,” Susie said as the other toys laughed. “Plus, she knows more about the Lord of the Rings than you do.”

“Face it, Humphrey, you’re never going to win,” said Kerry. “You never watched the Lord of the Rings movies, so what makes you think you know more about the story than Tierra does?”

“All I know is that I’ve gotten some answers correct before Tierra could,” said Humphrey. “And I know so much about the move because she and Susie are doing a show on YouTube centering on the Lord of the Rings.”

“I saw the Ralph Bashir edition of Lord of the Rings,” said Ryan. (Case in point: he was obsessed with the animated version of the Lord of the Rings cartoon, which shows you how much he knows the story.)

“Who cares!” said Kerry. “Plus, Ralph Bashir’s version of the Lord of the Rings sucks! How dare you bring that up while we’re dealing with Peter Jackson’s version of the Lord of the Rings?”

“Besides, Peter’s Jackson’s version of Lord of the Rings is better,” said Tierra.

“Much better,” said Leroy.

“Anyway, give it up, Humphrey,” said Susie as she glared at him. “You’re not going to win! You might as well give up now if you know what’s good for you!”

“But that’s no fair!” said Humphrey. “I’m the biggest toy in the room, so why are you guys picking on me?”

“Because you’re more annoying than the Annoying Orange,” said Tierra.

“Hey, that’s insulting, and hurtful!” said Humphrey.

“Need I remind you about the Show Stealers?” said Leroy.

“What about them?” said Bella.

“Never mind,” said Susie. “They invaded our show and interrupted everything. They were rude and nasty until Humphrey caught them and kicked them out. Now are we going to finish the game or not?”