Chance Encounter (StoryADay)

I don’t know about you, but all I knew was that the minute I heard Shara Shinnok talking about Mackenzie Balford, I (Jacquel Rassenworth) had a bad feeling that something big was going on.

to start, there was a time that Shara and i both knew her as Denise Tillman. she was one of the meanest nastiest girls in St. Francis Middle School. i mean, nobody particularly liked her, as she was older than most of the sixth graders. she never did her homework and she interrupted classes with her awful behavior. Shara and I had a difficult time staying out of her way.

But Denise wasn’t always the cruel bully everyone thinks she is. In fact, she had been one of the nicest girls in the school until someone thought it was cool to make fun of her.

And the culprit was? None other than Christina’s mean older brother Randal McAllen.

He and his group made fun of Denise, calling her bad names and claiming that she was held back in school just for kicks. They turned her mean because of their insensitive jokes.

As I was saying, Denise wasn’t really our friend, but she was semi-kind to Christina McAllen, as Christina suffered because of her disability. Denise was also nice to us, until one bullying act ruined everything.

So when Shara called me in the middle of the night to complain about her problems with Mackenzie Balford, I knew that give or take, we would have to deal with Denise Tillman all over again.