The Secret Message (StoryADay)

After the funeral of a girl who was claimed to be Tanya Shinnok, several people found a message hidden in the cemetery next to a tomb. The message was written in code, as if the person who wrote the message was either insane or was trying to hide something.

“I don’t know what is going on, but it’s probably gibberish,” said a man as he read the message.

“Who knows?” said another man,” said another man as he saw the message. “All I know is that Tanya Shinnok is dead and someone knows what’s going on. We need to call the police and make that person talk.”

The message read as follows:

To the player MARA of the game, the alien PEARL, the actor STUART, the fashionista IRENE, I DO explain the ill-fated tiger that would NOT kern, so BELIEVE sevenworm will take you to places you never expected not to visit! THE light at the end of the tunnel bathes in sunlight. The RUMORS could please even the most demanding follower of Freud. THAT flow of quizzes is not enough. I AM not yet ready to die. Clear water is running DEAD.

I AM NOT DEAD is nonsensical, much like me. Clear water is a storyteller without equal NOR rival. AM I Evita hammer? TANYA SHINNOK was always the second best.

I can get both high and low. Enqoyism HAVE the prime minister. The light at the end of the tunnel BEEN running away. Another day is KIDNAPPED. A cranky old lady gambles with lives, happiness, and BY destiny itself! MASON DORKINS wants to set things right. The sky gambles with lives, happiness, AND even destiny itself! HARVEY NADLER is good for you.

THEY shoots pineapples with a machinegun. That way ARE omni-present, much like candy. KEEPING a principal idea is not enough. Tranquility is omni-present, much like ME. A setback of the heart would scare any HIDDEN linguist away. IN an old apple has its world rocked by THE trees. Pinocchio tells the tale of GREEN towers. A glittering gem wants to go to HILL. A small MANOR is still not very coherent.

THEY woke the prime minister. Wondrous ARE is like a summer breeze. Two-finger John runs through PUNISHING everything. YOU stole the goods. is like a painted flower; FOR it never wilts. A sickingly prodigous profile is like ABANDONING a summer breeze. TANSY has your skin crawling. Pinocchio gambles with lives, happiness, AND even destiny itself! LAVINIA loves to love.

I could please even the most demanding follower of Freud. A glittering gem WILL say goodbye to the shooter. Sevenworm REMAIN in authority. THERE, stew and rum makes people shiver. UNTIL now, token of gratitude was always the second best. A fly will take YOU to places you never expected not to visit! That way can GRIEVE both high and low. Gasoline comes asking for THEIR bread. A wave loudly clashing against a long shoreline has its world rocked by their DEATHS.

“I really don’t understand what’s going on with this message, but we should take this to the police,” said the first man. “Maybe they might know what’s going on in the message.”

“We should,” said the second man, “if only to have them decode this message. It might not be gibberish like we thought.”

The men stared at the message again, wondering what was going on. They had no idea that the message was written using two different colored inks, nor did they see the secret message that was hidden within the original message.

Mara Pearl Stuart Irene do not believe the rumor that I am dead
I am not dead nor am I Tanya Shinnok
I have been kidnapped by Mason Dorkins and Harvey Nadler
They are keeping me hidden in the Green Hill Manor
They are punishing you for abandoning Tansy and Lavinia
I will remain there until you grieve their deaths