I’ll Never Fall In Love (StoryADay)

Well, I must admit that I’m never going to be married.

I’ve waited and waited for a long time, but the marriage never happened. I don’t know why I don’t like girls. It’s not like I’m gay, but I don’t see myself as the type of man who would marry and have children.

Yet I knew that I’m an only child; my parents want to have grandchildren. I myself want to build a family, not just to please my parents, but to give my life some sort of purpose. But I know that I want to find love instead of marrying the first woman who feigns interest in me.

So, why do men claim to fall in love with me? Something is going on with them that makes them think that pursuing me as a possible mate is OK. I will NOT fall in love with a man, no matter how it is seen as proper and convenient. I learn that it’s better to be single than to be with someone who either makes you miserable or will cause trouble for you in the end.