So, You Always Wanted to be a Princess…

My whole life, I had always wanted to be a princess. I don’t know when or how, but I always pretended to be a princess, never minding the fact that being a princess is harder than it looks.

So, why was I locked up in a dark room in a stone castle?

I will be honest and admit that I had always wanted to be a princess, but my real life kept getting in the way. I always kept to myself and dodged other people whenever I needed to be in contact with them. I hated having to hide my interest in the “Trees of Light” books while watching my fellow classmates read pointless teen fiction. Don’t they know that reading teen fiction is hazardous for their health?

But the biggest offense was being annoying and rude to the librarian who suggested that I find something else to read. Doesn’t she know that the “Trees of Light” are my whole world? I can’t function unless I read five chapters of the books every night. I can’t think about anything else but pretending to be Princess Madeleine Fallsworth of Eswoth.

Yet I have a secret that no one knows about. If anyone were to find out this secret, it would forever ruin their perception about me. (As you can tell, most people believed that I was stupid, useless, and (in worse cases) “retarded“. No one thought I was worth anything, not even the foster family I lived with.)

Of course, many people were trying to “help” me with my “problems“, which I thought was absurd; I don’t have any problems, they’re the ones who have problems. There’s no way in this life that I will ever be like them.

I then remembered Ryan Barker, the heartless bully who beat up anyone trying to be better than what he thought they should be. No one was safe from him; even the adults and his own parents were afraid of him. He ruled the school with an iron fist.

Whenever he approached me, I made sure to ignore him. I was eight years old and had a mind of my own. No one told me what to do, and I was able to go to the library instead of playing on the playground like the other kids.

But one day, Ryan caught me going into the library and beat me up. I ended up in the hospital in a coma, unable to live or die. When I did recover, I knew that all I had left was my imaginary world, a world I could never escape from as long as I lived.

Now as I looked around the place and saw where I was, I knew that I was physically in my imaginary world, but that world was now real. As in, I was now a princess living in a fancy castle, whether I liked it or not. And to make matters worse, that wasn’t the only problem I had to deal with…