Hello Goodbye (StoryADay Post)

I must admit that I’m glad I’m finished with this story. I don’t know why, but I didn’t like the way the story had turned out.

Or maybe it’s just me and my opinion.

Who knows?

Anyway, since I’ve finished with the story, I’m deciding that I will never write another story like that one again, and certainly not a story that contains something I personally don’t agree with. I have my standards, you know.

And now to put the story into the shredder so no one will ever read it.

In My Defense (StoryADay post)

OK, so everyone sees me as the villain of the story. They call me a “social justice bully” and they claim that I’m racist and anti-Christian.

But I’m a high school student, not a rabid monster.

Yet I won’t deny that I forced a group of my fellow students to apologize for being White, which is what they are. I had been taught to believe that White people were responsible for all the evils in the world and they must be punished for those evils.

So don’t blame me for all this “social justice warrior nonsense”; instead blame the people who taught me those things.

This Story is What the World Needs to Hear (StoryADay post)

Everyone wants diversity, inclusiveness, and tolerance, but no one is willing to hear the truth that those three things is what’s tearing our world apart.

Let me tell you what happened when I went to school one day and all the students there looked at me weird. They said cruel things about the color of my skin, the fact that I still had amom and dad living together, my skin color, and how I was comfortable being in my own gender and content to date a girl.

Well, here’s how that story went:

As I went about my day, I saw some of the ugliest behaviors from people I knew spew out all over the school; it was just like the school downgraded from a place of learning to a battlefield. People were doing all sorts of horrible things to each other and themselves, and I’m not sure about how long I could handle this madness.

But at the end of the day, when it’s time to leave school, I saw that parents and teachers, far from impressed by what they saw, were completely outraged with what the kids were doing. But I’m happy that the nightmare is now over, as some adult had enough strength to put their foot down and say “enough is enough!”

Well, guess who was kicked out of school for misbehaving? Not this guy. I had stayed true to the values I was taught, so I was rewarded. But those who rejected those values were punished.

And that’s how the world will end. Those who stayed true will be rewarded, yet those who rejected those values will be punished. That’s just how it is.

It Doesn’t Matter in the End (StoryADay post)

You’re probably wondering how I got stuck in a dark room at the basement of my family’s home, but it’s not out of spite. I’m sure my autistic cousin is telling everyone that I had been kidnapped by a monster living in the basement, and I’m not sure that anyone will believe her. (She has a big imagination after all.)

Anyway, here’s what happened…

I’m at the family house for a barbeque, but I’m angry. I’m 12 years old, and I’m not allowed to hang out with the older kids in the backyard because they’re older than me. Plus, I’m not about to be with the younger kids, all who were 9 years old. They only care for cartoons, and I’ve outgrown that years ago.

So I quietly leave the living room and hide in the kitchen, where no one would see me. Ashley sees me and tells me not to go into the basement because a monster is living there.

At this, I laugh, as I’m sure that Ashley has to be kidding. Monsters don’t live in the basement, right? I tell her that and she says, “That’s what got Uncle Don. He was eaten by the monster.”

I’m sure that Uncle Don wasn’t attacked by any monster living in the basement, but then again, I haven’t seen him since God knows when. But this isn’t going to help, as I slid down the stairs into the basement.

And I got caught and tossed into the cage in the middle of a dark room.

Well, this bites.

Not for Sale (StoryADay Post)

I’m the type of person who is uninterested in buying things I don’t need. I don’t need toys or the newest books or the latest video games, not when I need clothes and shoes that won’t fall apart every few weeks.

But why is that man going door-to-door selling religion? Doesn’t he know that religion is not for sale? You wouldn’t buy another human being, so why would anyone in their right minds want to buy religion?

But my parents were convinced that we needed to go to church and be saved, but that’s not what I wanted. I’m more than content to live my own life and let the world crash and burn, as it’s going to do.

But I’m not free to say no, especially since mom and dad signed the check and declared that our family will be going to church from now on.

Why do people sell religion when they should be selling food and clothes?

Not on MY Watch! (StoryADay Post)

I know I was taught certain things, and I was told to follow all the rules. So why do my parents expect me to accept my brother’s decision to date another boy?

I refuse to do that, as I was taught that that kind of behavior was unacceptable and I shouldn’t be doing that. Why is it that when mom and dad tell me not to do that thing, it’s suddenly OK for my brother to do that thing?

That makes me angry.

So I’m protesting their decision, telling then that that is wrong and God’s going to punish us if He catches us doing the wrong thing, but mom says, “It’s your brother’s decision and we have to respect and accept his decision.”

“No we don’t,” I snapped in anger as I turned to face my family. “You can’t possibly tell me that being gay is wrong and them let my brother do what he wants to do! That’s not how the world operates!”

While everyone stares at me in shock, I realize that I’ve pretty much estranged myself from the rest of the family. They can do what they want to do, but I’m not going along with it. Some intervention needed to happen before someone gets hurt.

Mainly me.