It Doesn’t Matter in the End (StoryADay post)

You’re probably wondering how I got stuck in a dark room at the basement of my family’s home, but it’s not out of spite. I’m sure my autistic cousin is telling everyone that I had been kidnapped by a monster living in the basement, and I’m not sure that anyone will believe her. (She has a big imagination after all.)

Anyway, here’s what happened…

I’m at the family house for a barbeque, but I’m angry. I’m 12 years old, and I’m not allowed to hang out with the older kids in the backyard because they’re older than me. Plus, I’m not about to be with the younger kids, all who were 9 years old. They only care for cartoons, and I’ve outgrown that years ago.

So I quietly leave the living room and hide in the kitchen, where no one would see me. Ashley sees me and tells me not to go into the basement because a monster is living there.

At this, I laugh, as I’m sure that Ashley has to be kidding. Monsters don’t live in the basement, right? I tell her that and she says, “That’s what got Uncle Don. He was eaten by the monster.”

I’m sure that Uncle Don wasn’t attacked by any monster living in the basement, but then again, I haven’t seen him since God knows when. But this isn’t going to help, as I slid down the stairs into the basement.

And I got caught and tossed into the cage in the middle of a dark room.

Well, this bites.