Where Have All the Families Gone? (StoryADay post)

I’m standing outside my front porch, watching as my neighborhood slowly crawled to life. As I’m watching everything, I noticed that there were no families around.

Such as, there was not a man and a woman walking down the sidewalk holding hands, no parents hugging their children, no loud laughter from those children as they played outside.

Where did those families go?

Since the great war, families have been outlawed. There hasn’t been a child born in over 18 years. Humanity has declined drastically since the laws were enacted, forcing people to destroy the bodies that God gave them and living in a way that angers God. As a result of those laws, humanity is about to go extinct.

Not if I could help it.

I’m 19 years old now, and so far, I haven’t been drafted yet. But I can’t help but wonder how many people are desperate enough to want to bring back the traditional families and revive a dying generation.

So where have all the families gone? They’re dead because the sinful humans killed them. But it doesn’t mean those sin-filled people have won the war, not if I had anything to say about that.


It’s All Fun & Games Until Someone Disappears (StoryADay Post)

Now for a story that you won’t believe happened:

“Well, I never saw that coming,” said Mara Llewellyn as she, Stuart Greer, Irene Haughton, and Pearl Tanner stood outside their hangout spot. Earlier that day, they had received a note from a person claiming that they had kidnapped their best friend/ringleader Taylor Parker. The note made some serious threats if the kids took the note to the police.

“So what are we supposed to do now? Sit around and do nothing?” said Stuart.

“No,” said Pearl. “We fight back. They cannot control us; they don’t know who we are.”

“You’re right, Pearl,” said Irene. “Even if they knew who we were, who’s to say that the know everything about us? They can’t stop us, not even if they had all the power and money in the world.”

“Well, let’s publish the letter in the newspaper and hope that everyone in town eyes it,” said Mara.

“Is that a good idea?” said Irene.

“Well, if everyone knows what happened to Taylor, then there can be no mysteries,” said Stuart. “Plus, we could make sure that only certain people read the letter, such as the police. We’ll get Taylor back, you’ll see.”

It was worth a shot.

A few days later, the four of them woke up to see the note they found was on the front page of the newspaper. People everywhere were talking about the disappearance of Taylor Parker. The police had immediately started a search when the police station was flooded with calls from concerned people.

“Well, I can’t say we did the right thing, but we did the right thing,” said Irene. “Somehow, I wonder how much it’s going to cost us.”

“I know,” said Mara as she held up another letter. The letter said, “I don’t hide in the shadows; I walk in plain sight. You might not see me, but I see you.”

“So, they think this is a game?” said Pearl after the group read the letter. “We’ll play their little game. But they must know that we cannot be found so easily, not when we’re hiding in plain sight.”

The other kids nodded, knowing that it was going to be a summer-long game of cat and mouse…

FanFiction Blues (StoryADay Post)

OK, here’s a fan fiction I know will never be published:

Once upon a time, we see a girl and her friends being tormented by a mysterious stalker. That stalker sent those girls threatening texts and signed those messages with the letter “A”. No one knew who the stalker was, and if they did, they were too scared to say anything.

But Aria Montgomery had been keeping several secrets from her family and friends, some secrets that could send certain people to jail for the rest of their lives. But then again, she had a huge secret that (if revealed), could get her sent to jail for the rest of her life.

As you may have noticed, nothing bad in particular happened to Aria, even though her friends Spenser Hastings, Hanna Marin, and Emily Fields suffered because of the stalker. Spenser had to deal with some damning family secrets while Hanna’s father was no longer in her life. Plus, Emily was shunned and rejected by the other students because she was a lesbian.

But none of that was bad compared to what aria was going through.

Many people suspected that Mona Vanderwaal was “A”, given that she had tormented the queen bee Alison DiLaurentis shortly before the other girl disappeared, but that was a given. No one knew that Aria was the main reason Alison disappeared and the other girls were tormented.

None of them knew that Aria was “A”.

Trials & Tri-BULLY-ations (StoryADay Post)

In this story, I will describe to you what happens when a group of young mages in training are pushed back through time and they must stop an event in the past in order to save the future.

Here we go.

After rescuing a group of teenage runaways and bringing them to Darthgate Academy, Jacquelyn Claire Ritterwolff and her friends Elizabeth Faulkner, James Zeilberger, Connor Osborne, Dakota Sam, and Calvin Page accidentally end up in the year 2002 when a prank by the class bully Heather Connolly goes awry. Heather also ends up going with the group, along with Jacquelyn’s cousin Justin Rowes and Alexis Romanov. The group discovers to their shock that they are in the year 2002, which just happens to be the day before the infamous Lochland High School Shooting, which took the lives of over 60 students and left a deep scar on the community of Lochland, South Carolina.

Assuming that they needed to stop the school shooting before it happened, the eight mages disguise themselves as high school freshmen and go undercover, discovering to their shock the ugly truth about high school. The popular kids and the jocks get all the praise while the nerds and outcasts are beaten down and abused. Jacquelyn is sure that Cadwallader Gruven (another one of their classmates) is in Lochland, as he had disappeared during the initial rescue mission.

While Jacquelyn infuriates one of the school’s hall monitors and is forced to change her outfit, Justin tracks down Jed Hamilton, who (many people believed) was a bully victim responsible for the shooting. But he ends up meeting Milton Holt, a boy who was shamefully abused by several students as well as a teacher’s aide. Milton tells Justin about wanting to run away from home, even if it killed him. Alexis and Heather uncover a plot to kill Sean (Justin’s father and Jacquelyn’s uncle) at a fictitious gay rights assembly taking place at the school later that afternoon.

As the school’s authorities are alerted to the situation, Calvin, Sam, Jim, and Connor are in the school library, where they discover a plot to keep the school’s outcasts away from their families by locking them up in Lochland Hall. Jacquelyn and Eliza rescue a student named Matthew Griffin from a vicious bully; he tells them that things had gone downhill since the arrival of a girl named Eileen Roberts a month ago; she wants to destroy Milton for an imagined slight.

As the day passes, things get worse at the school, with Jacquelyn, Jim, Calvin, Alexis, and Connor participating in a fight in the school cafeteria. At the same time, Justin, Heather, and Eliza find Jed and discover that far from being the bully victim everyone thought he was, he was actually trying to save Milton from his family, who hasn’t forgiven them for exposing his abuse two years earlier.

During the fight, Sam sees Cadwallader sneaking through the school; he, Calvin, and Jacquelyn chase after him, forcing him to make a confession. Cadwallader claims to be a changeling, a creature that impersonates a dead person and feeds off the people related to said dead person. He says that Jacquelyn is weak, since he and another changeling posing as her dead twin brother Michael had fed off of her for several weeks. Meanwhile, the principal finds out about the gay pride rally and shuts it down; many students who organized the rally are suspended.

Now that the mystery was solved, Eliza successfully convinces the vampires Toby and Joanna Norwood to stop Sean from coming to the school, which results in his would-be murdered being revealed to the world. The mages celebrate their victories; yet realize that they couldn’t return to 2007 until the job is done.

The next day, the shooting occurs when the two changelings sneak into the school disguised at students. The mages (realizing what was happening) raise the alarm, thus saving the lives of many students. Yet most of the students were the school’s rejects, as many of those who were popular were killed by the changelings. Jacquelyn confronts Cadwallader and Michael, and Michael shames her for surviving while he died in childbirth. Justin spots a severely injured Milton (who used his body as a shield to protect two girls who had bullied him), and Milton reveals a shocking family secret to him as he dies. Jed and his team corner the changelings and fight them off, but not before Cadwallader and Michael reveal a damning secret about Jed. Jacquelyn eventually kills the changelings, yet grabs the crystal belonging to Michael and puts it in her pocket. With that, the mages are sent back to 2007, as their mission is completed.

Several days later, after the headmaster questions them about their mission, Jacquelyn comes clean about why she was cruel to the able-bodied students at Darthgate and promises to make it up to them. Yet the headmaster reveals that because Cadwallader and Michael had died in 2002, she never had the chance to meet them, thus rewriting part of her story. Heather, however, is punished with detention for the prank that sent the group to 2002.

Meanwhile in 2002, 9-year-old Alexandra Holt (Milton’s younger sister) confesses to setting up the school shooting to kill Milton and is sentenced to the Barlean Psychiatric Hospital. While she’s being evaluated, she meets a mysterious figure that offers to help her get rid of Jed Hamilton, who not only survived the shooting but also revealed the truth about the shooting.