The Impossibly True Story About How I Escaped from Certain Death in a Bus Accident (StoryADay Post)

Final Destination
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You are all about to hear the story about how I escaped from certain death when my bus crashed on the highway. Don’t ignore my story or dismiss it as a lie: I swear that this story is the truth.

The story begins like this:

I was sitting in the back of the bus, just minding my own business when the bus hit a semi truck. The semi truck was carrying some huge heavy pipes.

I know you’re all thinking “Final Destination“, but don’t let your imagination run away form you. At least not yet.

Anyway, one of the huge pipes fell off the truck and split the bus into two pieces. The pipe crushed several people to death, and sent the back of the bus careening towards a huge creek that was on the side of the highway.

Many of my classmates screamed in horror as the bus plunged towards the creek, but I didn’t care about the fact that I was in danger. The other kids did the more sensible thing and jumped off the bus and ran towards a safe area.

But why didn’t I jump off the bus like everyone else? Why didn’t I at least give a tinker’s hoot about my own safety? Did I have some sort of death wish or something like that?

Before I could answer that question, the bus fell into the creek.

I could not hear anything, not the splash of the water or the screams of my surviving classmates. I was completely in a world of my own.

Yet, it wasn’t enough for the powers that be, as they apparently dispatched several people who happened to be near the creek and they came to rescue me from almost certain death.

I woke up at a local hospital, with everyone talking about “how I was lucky to be alive“, but I was disappointed to have survived the crash at all.

The truth was, though, I had blacked out during the crash and nearly drowned in the creek. I had half expected to die, knowing they no one would bother to help a disabled boy who kept to himself and viewed other people as evil.

But someone came along and pulled me out of the creek before I died.

So, to make a long story short, I was in a bus accident and nearly drowned in a creek. That’s all.

FAWM song – My Greatest Regret

he shot me and i fell, never to rise again / as i bleed my life out, i wonder how did it all come to this / they made fun of him, but i said not a word / my parents told me not to interfere in anyone else’s business / so i kept my head down and went on my way / but little did i know that at moment of my choice / i had sealed my own fate, so i’m getting what i deserved

they beat him and they bullied him, and no one reached out to help him / he cried for help, but they turned up the volume on their own selfishness / and ignored the rotting smell of abuse; for that, we should all rot in hell

if i know now what i should have known then / maybe i would have help him out / but i did not, and so, this is my fate / if i wasn’t so selfish and wrapped up in my own life / then maybe i’d still be alive today…

One day, that same boy had had enough of the teasing, and it wasn’t going to end / so he showed up at school shooting up the place, causing chaos everywhere / no one knew that this could have been prevented if only they helped that boy / and because they failed to stand up for him, they’re getting what they deserve…

but someone did get shot that day, someone is paying the ultimate price / who paid the price for the deed with their blood / who is the one who is suffering / the answer to that question is (and this is very sad) it was me / me, the girl who ignored him and went about my life / I was just 15 years old, and guess what? I DIED!!

i can’t believe that this is happening to me / i can’t be dead; i’m only 15! / i’ve got a life to live, i want to go on that date tonight, i want to hang out with my friends / but i’m lying cold and dead on the floor with people screaming around me, they don’t even know that i’m dead / and all i worry about is that little boy, who was so cruelly tormented all these years / what would have happened if i just simply helped him out? i’ll never know the answer to that question because i am now dead.

oh God, what have i done to deserve this? why am i the one to die? / all i did was mind my own business; i didn’t do anything wrong, but this isn’t right / my parents are crying, my brother is sad, my friends are asking themselves why did this happen, how could this happen to me / it was because I never thought that this could happen to me / they did not know that it was because i ignored the boy and now i’m paying for it with my own life.

God, i’m sorry, just give me another chance / this time, i’ll get it right / i promise to help those who are downtrodden, even if everyone else doesn’t care / if i see the boy again, i’ll reach out to him / ignoring him isn’t worth my life…

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