FanFiction Blues (StoryADay Post)

OK, here’s a fan fiction I know will never be published:

Once upon a time, we see a girl and her friends being tormented by a mysterious stalker. That stalker sent those girls threatening texts and signed those messages with the letter “A“. No one knew who the stalker was, and if they did, they were too scared to say anything.

But Aria Montgomery had been keeping several secrets from her family and friends, some secrets that could send certain people to jail for the rest of their lives. But then again, she had a huge secret that (if revealed) could get her sent to jail for the rest of her life.

As you may have noticed, nothing bad in particular happened to Aria, even though her friends Spenser Hastings, Hanna Marin, and Emily Fields suffered because of the stalker. Spenser had to deal with some damning family secrets while Hanna’s father was no longer in her life. Plus, Emily was shunned and rejected by the other students because she was a lesbian.

But none of that was bad compared to what Aria was going through. (She was going mad, not just because she was dating an undercover cop disguised as an English teacher, but because she had an alternate personality that wanted to hurt Spenser, Hanna, and Emily for an imagined slight.)

Many people suspected that Mona Vanderwaal was “A”, since she had tormented the queen bee Alison DiLaurentis shortly before the other girl disappeared, but that was a given. No one knew that Aria was the main reason Alison disappeared and the other girls were tormented.

None of them knew that Aria was “A”.


Christmas is Coming

It was Christmastime and all throughout the Red Keep, the wards were causing trouble for King Viserys Targaryen once again. To make things worse, their families came and were wreaking havoc everywhere.

“I swear if I have to deal with one more family squabble, I’m going to lose my mind,” Viserys snapped as he and Varys were cleaning up the dining hall. Earlier, Robert and Renly had started a huge fight due to Renly’s poor diet and weight gain and Robert’s new designer clothes (which came courtesy of his wife Cersei). To date, no one knew who won that round, even though almost everyone was betting on Robert to win.

“Well, Renly is getting uglier and fatter, as if he’s not like Robert before Cersei put him on that diet,” said Varys. “I don’t know why we should bother with him. He’s a horrible man; the sooner he leaves, the better for all of us.”

“And he’s my cousin too,” said Viserys. “Why is it that the worst people come from our families?”

“I don’t know,” said Varys. “But whatever’s going on with Renly, we’ll figure it out soon.”

“I hope so,” said Viserys.

prompt #51. A story set at Christmas.

How Not to Write Fanfiction (StoryADay Post)

Dylan Drake and the Stupid Story That Repeats Itself by Belle Dancer (Noelle Forbes)

One day, Cyrus Nicholson, Jesse Barham, David Harrison, and April Weinstein were playing in the Misty Forest when Shane Dinanham showed up. As usual, he wore the most shiny and glittery outfit known to man.

“Shane what are you doing here?” Cyrus snapped as everyone glared at him. “Nobody likes you, so why are you bothering us?”

“It’s about Dylan,” said Shane. “He’s about to go on one of those dangerously suicidal missions again! We have to stop him before he does something completely stupid!”

“Oh come on, Shane,” said Dylan Drake as he showed up. “You know yourself. I was just down at The King’s Alehouse getting something to drink.”

“Please don’t tell me that he’s here,” said Cyrus.

“Who? Estazius Bloodworth?” said Dylan. “Please! That guy clearly doesn’t know when to take a break. Doesn’t he get tired of me beating him up and every other story?”

“You wish,” said Shane. “It’s not like he’s going to want to listen to reason. He’s a bad guy; it’s what they do.”

“Of course that’s what we do,” said the evil sorcerer as he showed up. “Prepare to die again, Dylan Drake!”

“Seriously? We gotta go through this again?” cried Dylan as he glared at Bloodworth. “Don’t you get tired of having to chase after me in every single book? It’s getting boring!”

“Like it or not, I’m still chasing after you, boy,” said Bloodworth, “and this time, I’m going to…”

Just then, the director of the TV show came out and said, “This program has been permanently cancelled, so goodbye everyone!”

-The End!

A Trip to the Beach (StoryADay Post)

A Charlie Bone/Children of the Red King fan fiction

It was now summertime and as such, there was no school during the summer. This made Charlie Bone happy, as he didn’t want to face another week at Bloor’s Academy. He looked forward to lazy days at the house watching TV and hanging out with his friends. He didn’t want to give a single thought to the children of the red king, especially Manfred Bloor, who he completely disliked.

That was, until…

“Charlie, we have to get going!” Billy raven knocked on the door to his room. Charlie frowned, as he had been dreaming of a lazy day at the park. He was most certainly NOT interested in whatever shenanigans Manfred had planed for him.

“What is it?” he cried out. “Can’t you see I’m staying at home today?”

Nope,” said Billy. “Manfred says that all children of the red king are going to the beach today, and he’s not taking no for an answer.”

“Crap!” Charlie yelled as he kicked off the covers to his bed and ran around the room, grabbing whatever he could find, and stuffing them into a small bag. He clearly did NOT want to spend his free time with the head boy; he had already seen enough of him at the school as it were.

When he was ready, he and Billy got into Manfred’s van. They noticed that their friends Lysander, Tancred, Emma, Olivia, and Gabriel were also in the van. “He made you guys come too?” said Charlie.

“Yeah,” said Olivia. “I envy Fidelio. His family is going to Italy to see that special concert and we’re all stuck here with boring old Manfred.”

“I can’t stand him,” said Emma.

“I heard that!” said Manfred. “Now shut up! We’re going to the beach whether you like it or not!”

As Charlie and Billy climbed into their seats, Lysander said, “How’s about we cut this trip short?”

“Like how?” said Billy. “Manfred will know if we’re up to something.”

“I could always make it rain,” said Tancred.

“Good idea,” said Charlie. “I’ve had it with Manfred and his idiotic schemes.”

Manfred began to drive the car as a huge storm loomed overhead. Soon, the storm broke and it began to rain. There was no way the kids were going to the beach in this storm.

“Drat!” said Manfred. “Looks like our beach trip has been canceled!”

Charlie let out a huge sigh of relief; he didn’t have to deal with Manfred today. “Thanks for getting us out of that, Tanc.”

“No problem,” said Tancred.

Ask Lucy Miller (StoryADay Post)

Cover of Old Friends and New Fancies, by Sybil...
Cover of Old Friends and New Fancies, by Sybil Brinton, considered to be the first work of Austen fan-fiction. (1913) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Dear Lucy,

I am a 16-year-old girl who loves to write fan fiction. But my parents want me to stop writing fan fiction, saying that it is a childish obsession and I need to grow out of it. But I really want to write fan fiction, and I have been writing fan fiction since I was seven years old. Yet, I know I need to stop playing with my toys and grow up, which means that I need to stop writing fan fiction. What can I do?

Fan-fiction Writer

Dear fan fiction writer,

I hate to break it you, but your parents are right. Take a good look at yourself and realize that there’s more to your life than fan fiction. You say that you are 16 years old, so you really need to focus on other things that are more age-appropriate, such as friends, movies, and books. Your parents are correct; you need to put away your toys and grow up.

Dear Lucy,

I am a 12-year-old boy who is at the end of my rope here. I have found some poorly written fan fiction about myself and my friends, and how we were friends with some girl that no one liked. What should I so to prove that I’m not a fraud?

Not a “Teen Rebel”

Dear Not a “Teen Rebel“,

What I would suggest that you do is to hire a good lawyer and sue whoever is publishing those terrible stories about you. Those stories are libelous and hurtful. Plus, you should contact your local newspaper and bring this story to the city’s attention. Libel is NOT OK; it has destroyed many people and ruined reputations. As my grandmother once said, “A reputation takes a lifetime to build, but a second to destroy.”

Dear Lucy,

I am a boy whose friends are pressuring me to read the Harry Potter books. I hate Harry Potter and I know that my mother doesn’t approve of the books about him. How do I tell my friends that I’m not interested in Harry Potter?

Refusing to read Harry Potter

Dear Refusing to read Harry Potter,

What you are dealing with here is a form of peer pressure, in which your friends are trying to force you to do something that you don’t want to do. Either you can explain to your friends the reasons why you don’t want to read Harry Potter; or you can break things off with them and go find some new friends.

Let’s Start a Riot (StoryADay blog post)

My next story in the Harry Potter parody: a hi...
My next story in the Harry Potter parody: a high school musical! (Photo credit: claireviolet82)

It all began over a book.

It wasn’t the Twilight books, thankfully, as arguments over the book tended to descend into blatant bullying. (A few weeks ago, the mayor’s wife ordered all anti-Twilight groups to cease and desist and all pro-Twilight groups to put away the books and to stop obsessing over Twilight. Both groups reluctantly complied with her demands.)

But instead of doing that, she should have pulled the plug on the Harry Potter obsession; so much trouble could have been prevented had she gotten wind of the fights that were happening between those who loved Harry Potter and those who hated him.

Garrett, Troy, and I were just sitting in the library one day, not caring about the fights that were going on. We all agreed that the Harry Potter books are utter tripe and the books aren’t the greatest things to happen in the world of literature.

Try telling that to the scores of people that we knew and they would look at us funny.

Anyway, the Harry Potter fans and the Harry Potter Haters were arguing fiercely, mainly over a fanfiction that suggested that some autistic kid must have dreamed up the entire series. I bet that the theory itself sounded like a cop-out, but then again, it had to have a grain of sense to it. After all, no one could actually write a series of books that were rotten.

I heard a Harry Potter fan saying, “That is the dumbest thing I ever heard. Harry Potter isn’t fake!”

“It is if if the story’s inconsistency just keeps getting worse,” said a kid on the Harry Potter haters side.

“How can SerenityStar write that crap?” said a fan.

“It was already bad enough when she wrote that story about Harry Potter being kidnapped and murdered,” said another fan.

“It’s more realistic than the crap that any of you fantards call yourself scribbling,” said a hater.

That was it.

A few Harry Potter fans hurled themselves at the haters, who successfully sidestepped them, sending them sprawling to the floor. They quickly threw books (not Harry Potter) at the fans. Within a few seconds, what once was a bitter argument between the Harry Potter fans and haters had turned into a riot.

My friends and I all sat in our seats and watched as the riot unfolded. The entire Harry Potter display was destroyed and several other bookshelves were damaged. I could hardly believe what I was seeing; a group of teenagers and adults fighting over a silly children’s book. Part of me wanted to put an end to the riot, yet the logical thing to do was to run away from the place.

Which was what we did.

After it was all over, the news reported on the damages that were done to the bookstore. As I have said before, the Harry Potter display was destroyed and several other bookshelves were damaged. Also, scores of Harry Potter fans were arrested for disturbing the peace while the Harry Potter haters were let off with a warning.

Isn’t this nice? A group of devoted fans are arrested while those who oppose are let go with a warning? I never thought that I would see that happening. To me, this is progress. I just hope that those Harry Potter fans learn to shut up, for fan fiction is the new way that people who hate the series can deal with it without outrightly banning it.

Plus, I’m not too fond of Harry Potter or fan fiction to begin with.

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No Potter for Me! (StoryADay post)

Magical books
Magical books (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Julian Jefferson found himself regretting that he had bought into the Harry Potter hype.

But how did it all happen? How did he buy into the hype? And more importantly, what made him stop?

It had all began when a classmate named Berta Salinas had suggested that he read the Harry Potter books. “Everyone in the school is reading the books, so why aren’t you?” she said to him, mainly as a ploy to force him to read the books and obsess over them like everyone else.

For starters, Julian never really liked reading, as he usually preferred to watch TV. “Only nerds read books,” he said when Berta refused to stop bugging him about reading the books. Plus, he knew that his mother did not approve of Harry Potter, and his father carefully inspected anything that came into the family home just to make sure that the item in question was safe for the entire family to use. So sneaking the books into the house was actually out of the question.

Julian wondered how Berta actually got him to read Harry Potter to the point of near insanity. He also wondered why he started disobeying his family just so he could read some silly books.

He grew disappointed when he remembered sneaking the books into the house under his father’s nose and reading them whenever his mother wasn’t looking. He had never snuck around or lied about anything (as he made sure to maintain his good behavior), so it was a first for him.

But that didn’t mean that he wasn’t caught.

Not where it counted.

Julian had read the books long into the night, often sacrificing TV time and sleep to engross himself into Harry’s magical world. He had found himself hanging out with students who liked Harry Potter to the point of insanity. He also found himself writing Harry Potter fan fiction (which was against the rules at Nander Castle) on the family computer.

But like all things in life, it all had to end. Preferably when Julian’s parents found about his secret activities one fine day.

Julian’s mother had caught him and a girl named Britney Johnson talking about Harry Potter one day, and after a stern lecture about the importance of not giving into peer pressure, Julian was forced to get rid of the books. Julian’s father also imposed on him the importance of listening to his parents and doing whatever they said without question; plus, he told Julian that under no circumstances was he to have anything to do with Harry Potter. Julian reluctantly agreed to get rid of everything having to do with Harry Potter.

So he had to get rid of his copies of the Harry Potter books; plus all of his fan fiction had to be deleted from the computer. Julian also had to apologize to his friends Ernest Glenn, Martin Bradley, and Jenny Gardner for abandoning them in order to chase after Harry Potter.

But it wasn’t all his parents’ fault that Julian was forced to end his obsession with Harry Potter; in fact, he had read the books so many times that he began to get tired of reading them altogether. Plus, it didn’t help matters when he realized that his new friends were obsessed with Harry Potter to the point of shutting out anything that didn’t have to do with Harry Potter.

Julian soon found himself missing the excitement of TV and the Internet, so he abruptly forced himself to stop his obsession with Harry Potter altogether. Berta was upset about this and she tried to stop him, but he was firm about quitting his obsession with harry potter.

Berta found out about his decision to stop reading Harry Potter and said to him, “Are you crazy? You can’t just quit reading Harry Potter! Not while he’s still popular!”

“Try me,” he said in a voice that told her to stop bothering him and to find something more productive to do with herself.

Anyway, to make a long story short, when Julian learned that Adam Wilkins, the biggest Harry Potter hater in the school (if not the city), was forming a Harry Potter Addicts Anonymous Club, Julian decided to join in, hoping to put a huge wall between him and his desire to read Harry Potter.

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