The Stalker (StoryADay)

Samuel Watson (a friend of Mara Llewellyn) can say that writing isn’t easy.

Especially when you have to deal with a stalker.

Sam had recently finished writing “Riddle Of The Stone Men” (novel 12 in “The Sally Montgomery Adventure Series” on Wattpad); he was glad that the series was finally over and he could start writing something else.

Little did he know he would have a different story to tell.

One weekend, he was leaving a high school party when the bus he rode in was involved in a fender bender. Although Sam escaped without injury, he woke up in a small room. The room had only a mattress and a typewriter. A girl was sitting in a chair in a corner of the room.

“Uh, who are you?” said Sam.

“My name is Libby Richards,” said Libby. “You must be Reggie Nelson, writer of “The Sally Montgomery Adventure Series“.”

“OK, what’s it to you?” said Sam. “What’s going on?”

“I’m on to you, Nelson!” Libby yelled as she stared at Sam. “You’re nothing but a homophobic jerk!”

“Excuse me, but you’re talking to a born-again Christian,” said Sam. “And what are you yammering about?”

“You killed Leon Levine in “The Outlaws of Pallas“,” said Libby. “He was my favorite character!”

“You must be kidding,” said Sam. “I know that most of my readers hated Leon and begged me to get rid of him, so I had to kill him off. Plus, he was being a jerk, and I don’t allow jerks to exist in my books. Now, if you think I’m homophobic, think again!”

“Nope!” said Libby as she slammed the typewriter on a nearby table and forced Sam to sit at the table. “You’re not going anywhere until you write me a story.”

“And what kind of story should I write?” said Sam.

“You will write about Leon coming back to life and him hooking up with Brock Farrington instead of Brock hooking up with Stella Avington,” said Libby. “I also want Stella, Daisy, and Eleanor to die and Sally to not have a boyfriend at all.”

Sam laughed, saying, “Well, you must be one of those crazy fangirls who like same-sex parings and hate straight pairings. And you want to break up canonically straight couples and kill the females in the relationship. What kind of writer do you take me for?”

“You will do what I ask, or I’ll destroy your family,” said Libby. “Plus, I’ll make it so the police will never find you.”

“You want to bet?” said Sam.

“Start writing!” said Libby.

Needless to say, Sam spent that weekend practically chained to the typewriter, writing a story that would only make him sick. He frowned, knowing that no writer should have to give in to a reader’s request. It didn’t matter if the readers wanted a certain pairing to happen or not. If nobody wanted a story about a straight couple, they could put down the story and read something else.

Of course, Mara received word that Sam had gone missing and not even the police or Sam’s family was allowed to look for him. But Team Sescape could.

After Sam completed his sixth bathroom break, Libby came into the room, saying, “And where is that story?”

“Here,” said Sam pointing to the manuscript on the table. “I hope it makes you happy, you freak.”

Libby picked up the story and read it, crying out, “OMG, I love it! That’s what your readers need to see. None of this “straights are better” crap! Plus, your faith has no place in your stories…”

“Oh that just tears it!” Sam snarled at her. “Just who do you think you are to say such horrible things to me? If your parents find out about the things you’ve done…”

“You don’t get to talk,” Libby snapped. “In fact, I’m going to break you in half!”

But she never had a chance, as Mara and her friend Tara Schindler burst into the room and subdued her, with Mara doing the Vulcan nerve pinch on Libby’s neck until she fainted.

“Thanks, guys,” said Sam as he saw Mara and Tara. “That girl made my life a living nightmare!”

“I’ve noticed when I got your text message,” said Mara. “Tara and I were working on a plan to rescue you. I didn’t think it would take us that long to find your location.”

“Get a load of this garbage!” Tara cried out as she read the manuscript. To Sam, she said, “Did she make you write this?”

“She did,” said Sam. “I can’t believe she made me write that crap! I mean, what is wrong with her?”

“Was she one of those crazy fangirls who held you hostage until you revived a dead character that she liked?” said Mara.

“Of course,” said Sam. “Libby was a crazy self-righteous fanatic who denounced my Christian faith and called me homophobic for killing Leon Levine! You both know how much of a jerk he was, and I never should have created him in the first place! But not to worry, for once she wakes up, she’ll find herself in a padded room. I will NOT be held down by anyone!”

“You should write about that for the student newspaper,” said Tara.

“And get rid of that garbage,” said Mara. “No one wants to read it.”

“Nope, we need it as evidence,” said Sam. “I’m sure a judge would be very interested to know what goes on in the mind of a crazy fan.”

To make a long story short, Libby was arrested for kidnapping and torturing a person under the age of 18 years (even though she was 16 years old). After the jury read Sam’s revised manuscript, they sentenced Libby to life at Blue Valley Sanitarium.

“Well, I’m just glad this is over,” said Sam as the Fantasy Writers club met in the library after school. “It sickens me to think that some people would want to twist up our stories to suit their own sick fantasies.”

“I’ve noticed,” said Mara. “I recently asked to take down a story featuring characters from my story. The site has yet to comply with my demand.”

“Such a shame you must do that,” said Tara. “Things like this make you want to reconsider being a writer.”

“Or not allow readers to create their own fanfiction based on your stories,” said Sam. “But let’s leave the debate for the professionals. We should focus on what we plan to write next.”

Little did Sam, Mara, and Tara (and the rest of the club) know that they had declared war on the fangirls…


The Secret Message (StoryADay)

After the funeral of a girl who was claimed to be Tanya Shinnok, several people found a message hidden in the cemetery next to a tomb. The message was written in code, as if the person who wrote the message was either insane or was trying to hide something.

“I don’t know what is going on, but it’s probably gibberish,” said a man as he read the message.

“Who knows?” said another man,” said another man as he saw the message. “All I know is that Tanya Shinnok is dead and someone knows what’s going on. We need to call the police and make that person talk.”

The message read as follows:

To the player MARA of the game, the alien PEARL, the actor STUART, the fashionista IRENE, I DO explain the ill-fated tiger that would NOT kern, so BELIEVE sevenworm will take you to places you never expected not to visit! THE light at the end of the tunnel bathes in sunlight. The RUMORS could please even the most demanding follower of Freud. THAT flow of quizzes is not enough. I AM not yet ready to die. Clear water is running DEAD.

I AM NOT DEAD is nonsensical, much like me. Clear water is a storyteller without equal NOR rival. AM I Evita hammer? TANYA SHINNOK was always the second best.

I can get both high and low. Enqoyism HAVE the prime minister. The light at the end of the tunnel BEEN running away. Another day is KIDNAPPED. A cranky old lady gambles with lives, happiness, and BY destiny itself! MASON DORKINS wants to set things right. The sky gambles with lives, happiness, AND even destiny itself! HARVEY NADLER is good for you.

THEY shoots pineapples with a machinegun. That way ARE omni-present, much like candy. KEEPING a principal idea is not enough. Tranquility is omni-present, much like ME. A setback of the heart would scare any HIDDEN linguist away. IN an old apple has its world rocked by THE trees. Pinocchio tells the tale of GREEN towers. A glittering gem wants to go to HILL. A small MANOR is still not very coherent.

THEY woke the prime minister. Wondrous ARE is like a summer breeze. Two-finger John runs through PUNISHING everything. YOU stole the goods. is like a painted flower; FOR it never wilts. A sickingly prodigous profile is like ABANDONING a summer breeze. TANSY has your skin crawling. Pinocchio gambles with lives, happiness, AND even destiny itself! LAVINIA loves to love.

I could please even the most demanding follower of Freud. A glittering gem WILL say goodbye to the shooter. Sevenworm REMAIN in authority. THERE, stew and rum makes people shiver. UNTIL now, token of gratitude was always the second best. A fly will take YOU to places you never expected not to visit! That way can GRIEVE both high and low. Gasoline comes asking for THEIR bread. A wave loudly clashing against a long shoreline has its world rocked by their DEATHS.

“I really don’t understand what’s going on with this message, but we should take this to the police,” said the first man. “Maybe they might know what’s going on in the message.”

“We should,” said the second man, “if only to have them decode this message. It might not be gibberish like we thought.”

The men stared at the message again, wondering what was going on. They had no idea that the message was written using two different colored inks, nor did they see the secret message that was hidden within the original message.

Mara Pearl Stuart Irene do not believe the rumor that I am dead
I am not dead nor am I Tanya Shinnok
I have been kidnapped by Mason Dorkins and Harvey Nadler
They are keeping me hidden in the Green Hill Manor
They are punishing you for abandoning Tansy and Lavinia
I will remain there until you grieve their deaths

An Old Rivalry (StoryADay)

“Wow, you must really hate Mackenzie,” Fabian said to Shara as he noticed her glaring at the other girl. Shara was sure Mackenzie wasn’t serious, not if she had anything to say about that.

Of course, Fabian didn’t know that Shara knew Mackenzie before they both became students at Harrison Creek High School. Back then, Shara knew Mackenzie as Denise Tillman when they were living in San Francisco; Shara was 10 years old and Denise was 12. Denise was a troublemaker while Shara was a good student. Denise was also a bully, as she bullied one of Shara’s friends, Christina McAllen, for being disabled.

“Well, you can say I knew her a long time ago,” said Shara. “But I don’t like her, not where it counts.”

“Whatever,” said Fabian, not knowing that the truth about about to come out…

Writer’s Clue (StoryADay)

Before the story about Taylor Parker’s disappearance and how she was erroneously known as my cousin Tanya Shinnok, I once knew a girl named Christina McAllen. If anything, Christina reminded you of Taylor; she had a way of making you feel special, but bullied those who sought to destroy her. In hindsight, Christina and Taylor weren’t that much different, but they were.

I knew Christina from my days in St. Francis Elementary School, when one of the teachers made me and three other girls named Joanna Marshall, Sabella Tucker, and Rebecca Walker sit with her at lunchtime. The rest of the school bullied anyone else who spoke to Christina until they dumped her. The funny thing was, though, no one in the school bothered Joanna, Sable, Becky, or me, not even if we spoke to Christina in a public place.

And what Christina went through, Taylor also went through, yet Taylor didn’t experience the abuse Christina went through. I wondered what did Taylor have that Christina didn’t have in terms of being treated kindly in the school? Something had to give.

Yet, when Christina disappeared, no one seemed to care. No one liked her, and they were more than relieved when the news broke out that Christina was gone. Not so with Taylor, as when she disappeared, the police tore apart the city until she was eventually found and returned to her family. As for Christina, she was found dead TWO years after she disappeared. The person who found her dead went into witness protection to protect him from the people who would come after him for finding Christina’s remains.

So, what’s the clue in this story? It seemed that people preferred Taylor over Christina, which was why the police was willing to help find Taylor and leave Christina to die. And believe me, that’s the worst part about this story.

The Dead Friend (StoryADay)

“Dear friends, I am not dead. Meet me at the Blue Sun Theater on Tuesday at 8PM. ~Taylor Parker.”

Stuart Greer, Mara Llewellyn, Irene Haughton, and Pearl Tanner frowned as they stared at the message they were given. The funeral had just ended, with the mourners standing around the Sarah Jane Green Memorial Gardens, talking about Taylor and how and why she didn’t deserve to die. The Parker family (which consisted of Benjamin, Aimee, Billy, Aubrey, and Ashton) were speaking to the mourners and ignoring the rainy weather that fell upon the city of Harrison Creek, Oregon.

“I wonder if this is a joke,” said Mara as the others stared at the note. “Taylor’s dead. The police found her body at the Green Hill Manor a few days ago.”

“But how do they know the body is actually Taylor’s?” said Irene.

“Fake, or different person,” said Pearl.

“Exactly,” said Stuart. “Don’t forget, we’ve heard the story about Tracey Powell and how she disappeared around the same time Taylor did.”

“I’ve noticed,” said Mara. “Nobody could have known about Tracey, not unless…”

She grabbed the note again, saying, “Maybe this note is true. Maybe Taylor’s still alive and they buried the wrong girl.”

“I hope you’re right,” said Irene.

“But we won’t know that for sure until we go to the theater on Tuesday,” said Stuart.

“I’m not sure that’s going to happen,” said Pearl. “Mayor put up curfew. We kids not allowed to go anywhere without adults.”

“Oh, so *NOW* they want to play it safe after the crap they went through with trying to get us to put down our phones and tablets and get off the computers and go outside,” said Irene. “That’s not happening!”

“Not unless Team Sescape investigates this mystery letter,” said Stuart.

To make this long story short, Team Sescape stood in front of the Blue Sun Theater the following Tuesday at 8PM. It was a slow day, with only a few people coming to the theater to watch movies. Just then, a girl wearing a white coat decorated with red roses came out of a dark car that pulled in front of the theater. She saw the kids and said to them, “I was beginning to think you didn’t get my message. Did you miss me?”

“Taylor?” Mara, Stuart, Irene, and Pearl cried out.

Cherry Bomb 2010 (parody of The Runaways Cherry Bomb) – FAWM Song

Shara: What? You mean to tell me that you guys aren’t allowed to just stay at home and hang out with your families? Or at least clean your rooms?

Mara: Uh, nope.

Shara: And why not?

Stuart: Because back in 2002, the city decided that we kids were spending way too much time watching TV and not playing outside, so they put an end to Saturday morning cartoons and forced our families to hire people to clean our rooms so we have to go away from our families during the day.

Pearl: No families allowed.

Irene: I know. Tragic, isn’t it?

Shara: Well, I can’t help but find that unacceptable. No teenager is allowed to be with their families anymore? That sucks!

(music turns on)

Can’t go to school, can’t stay at home, is there no place for a teen to roam? You look at me like I’m the clueless girl next door, but I’m the girl you’ve been waiting for!

Hello daddy, hello mom! I’m your…CHERRY BOMB! Hello world, I’m the bad girl! I’m your…CHERRY BOMB!

Life is sad if you don’t do your chores, yet they want you to get a score. They took away your right to choose; come on, guys, we’ve got nothing left to lose!

Hello daddy, hello mom! I’m your…CHERRY BOMB! Look out, Harrison Creek, here I come! I’m your…CHERRY BOMB!!

(brief instrumental solo)

Hello daddy, hello mom! I’m your…CHERRY BOMB! hello world, I’m the bad girl! I’m your…CHERRY BOMB!

Now is the time to break free, it’s time to make them see that we’re so done with this town, now we have no choice but to shut it down!

Hello daddy, hello mom! I’m your…CHERRY BOMB! Look out, Harrison Creek, here I come! I’m your…CHERRY BOMB!!