The Calm Before the Shooting (StoryADay)

He stood at the school, contemplating what he was going to do. He had been bullied and abused for far too long and now, someone was going to pay.

The kids at this school would never forget what he was going to do.

No one was going to stop him, not even a teacher. He was going to do the deed, and they would have no choice but to accept his deed.



She couldn’t wait to go to high school. But she was diagnosed with Asperger’s.

In response, her parents refused to let her go to school. Instead, she had to live in a home for disabled people and never got a chance to experience life at high school.

To See or Not to See (StoryADay Post)

She was going blind at the age of 18. While most kids were looking forward to graduating from high school, she was instead staring at a future full of complete darkness. The doctors told her parents that there was no way that her sight could be saved; they would have to deal with having a disabled child.

With that, her parents gave up on her having a life after high school. There was no way that she was going to be able to live her life now.

But she wasn’t giving up just yet, not when she could still see. She wanted to see the sights of New York while she still could, before her sight went away forever. But she had a decision to make: did she really want to see everything she could before going blind forever, or did she want to stay home and await the inevitable?

A Secret Pearl (StoryADay)

In Chevalier's fictional account, the characte...
In Chevalier’s fictional account, the character Griet is the model for Vermeer’s painting. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Peter Rasputin, ninth grade English teacher at Harrison Creek High School, was keeping a terrible secret. If anyone were to find out what that secret was, it would destroy his reputation.

He had fathered a child when he was only 14 years old. And not just any child; it was one of his students, a girl named Pearl Tanner. Pearl, who many students called “Pearl the Alien” until Irene Haughton forced them to stop. Pearl, who was once friends with a girl named Tanya Shinnok.

Pearl, who didn’t even know she was her teacher’s daughter.

Peter had kept that secret about Pearl for many years, fearing that his reputation would go down the drain if anyone found out. He knew he should tell a therapist about that secret, but who trusts therapists these days? What would he do if Gemma Challoner got her hands on that story and exposed it to the rest of the city?

A Flaw in the Plan (StoryADay Post)

Polski: Andronik, Atanazjusz i Junia (po prawe...
Polski: Andronik, Atanazjusz i Junia (po prawej stronie). Svenska: Andronicus, Athanasius of Christianopoulos & Saint Junia. Suomi: Andronikos, Athanasios Khristianopoulos ja Pyhä Junia. Български: Свети Андроник, Свети Атанасий и Света Юния. ‪Norsk (nynorsk)‬: Andronikos, Athanasios av Kristianopoulos og St. Junia. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Tarcey Pate and Junia Brown wanted to be popular and have friends. They were jealous of their cousin, Jill Roseberry, who was popular and got friends without much effort. People liked her, which bothered the two cousins.

When they saw a show where a person became popular by beating up someone, they decided that they would beat people up and become popular. They thought that being a bully would get them friends.

That was their big mistake.

When a boy called Harry Moffer enrolled in Warthogpox High School and started talking about how dumb the Larry Dobber books were, Tarcey and Junia immediately sprung into action. They incited many students to turn on Harry and beat him up. But when Jill stuck up for Harry and called her cousins out on their crap, Tarcey and Junia knew they were doomed.

In short, they learned that beating up Harry did NOT make them popular or win them friends. Instead, they received much of the school’s ire and a three-week suspension.

When Can I Be Seen? (StoryADay Post)

I’m sitting in the back of the classroom, trying not to be seen by anyone. I don’t know why, but I feel invisible. Like I’m not even real.

Why can’t I be real? What is preventing me from being out there in the real world? When will someone notice me?

The class is talking about the homework assignment, yet I don’t raise my hand. I don’t have anything to say. It’s sad, really.

But when the class ends and I head out the door, I could sense a group of students gathering together and staring at me. They say things like, “Look, it’s that weird girl” and “She acts like she’s too good for this place.”

I don’t know why they insult me; it’s not my fault that I’m smart and get good grades. They don’t see that; they see a girl who refuses to talk to anyone, let alone the teacher. And they make fun of me for it.

At least, until someone from the group bumps into me from behind. “I turned around and snapped, “Walk much, dummy?” The person stared at me for a second before I walked away.

So I was seen. Someone saw me. But exactly how it happened wasn’t how I wanted it to be. I guess I’ll deal with that eventually.

Preparation (StoryADay Post)

Schoolchildren eating hot school lunches made ...
Schoolchildren eating hot school lunches made up primarily of food from the surplus commodities program. Taken at a school in Penasco, New Mexico, United States. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It was time for Shara to get ready for school.

She didn’t know why she continued attending Harrison Creek High School, especially when it was revealed that there were several students that were secretly running the school. How and why no one informed the principal of that never ceased to astound her.

She was going to be doing the revealing, mind you.

Shara got dressed and went to the kitchen to make herself some lunch. She could care less about the “school’s” policy on homemade lunches. Her parents weren’t about to pay for school lunches, not when she could always bring her own lunch from home.

With lunch made and sitting by her bag, Shara sat down to breakfast, being aware that even though the school served breakfast, she wasn’t about to eat anything that was prepared by the cafeteria workers. Most of the food, according to the students, wasn’t even fit for human consumption at all.

After breakfast, Shara grabbed her things and headed to the park to wait for the school bus. Several kids had been there during the time that she had her breakfast and made her lunch. Those poor kids had to follow the “school’s” rules or else they would risk getting in serious trouble.

But not Shara, who was known as a risk taker. She would not follow the rules of a few misguided “students” whose one desire is to take over the school and not allow the principal to do his job. She knew better than that.