Cold Reason – Poem

the world appears to be a cold place
a place with reason and logic
and with that, no warmth of imagination can be found

but the world i live in has no room for reason
not even logic can barge it’s way in here
when i think about what i can do, i know i can do anything

but being a warm person living in a cold world
it’s no life at all
not if you’re warm

I Can See Your Sanity – Poem

there’s a moment in your life
when you must question everything you are
and if you can’t accept one thing about yourself
then you aren’t worthy of the whole package

if you can love others and reject yourself
then you have solved the question of selfishness
for people who are selfish will drown in their sins
but those who are selfless will receive their reward in heaven

when you do something that helps you and hurts others
you will ultimately suffer from pain and anguish
because you have ignored someone else’s suffering 

beware of your selfishness

Eternal Consequence (NaPoWriMo, Day 30)

It’s now the end of the world
And what do I have to say about that? Not very much
For I thought about what happened to my life so far
And I can only say that nothing good has happened

I wait for the world’s final death
For in death we can be free
Of the life we should be forced to live
Some leave the world quickly while others take longer
And more people die so fast, we don’t know until its too late

So what happens when this world takes its final breath
And you haven’t made your peace with your inevitable death
Where is your life now
Tolerance won’t save you now

The world is dying now
And there’s no chance to escape
But when I leave the world behind
I hope to leave the troubles I endured behind me