The Unnecessary Tragedy

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The Stalker (StoryADay)

Samuel Watson (a friend of Mara Llewellyn) can say that writing isn’t easy.

Especially when you have to deal with a stalker.

Sam had recently finished writing “Riddle Of The Stone Men” (novel 12 in “The Sally Montgomery Adventure Series” on Wattpad); he was glad that the series was finally over and he could start writing something else.

Little did he know he would have a different story to tell.

One weekend, he was leaving a high school party when the bus he rode in was involved in a fender bender. Although Sam escaped without injury, he woke up in a small room. The room had only a mattress and a typewriter. A girl was sitting in a chair in a corner of the room.

“Uh, who are you?” said Sam.

“My name is Libby Richards,” said Libby. “You must be Reggie Nelson, writer of “The Sally Montgomery Adventure Series“.”

“OK, what’s it to you?” said Sam. “What’s going on?”

“I’m on to you, Nelson!” Libby yelled as she stared at Sam. “You’re nothing but a homophobic jerk!”

“Excuse me, but you’re talking to a born-again Christian,” said Sam. “And what are you yammering about?”

“You killed Leon Levine in “The Outlaws of Pallas“,” said Libby. “He was my favorite character!”

“You must be kidding,” said Sam. “I know that most of my readers hated Leon and begged me to get rid of him, so I had to kill him off. Plus, he was being a jerk, and I don’t allow jerks to exist in my books. Now, if you think I’m homophobic, think again!”

“Nope!” said Libby as she slammed the typewriter on a nearby table and forced Sam to sit at the table. “You’re not going anywhere until you write me a story.”

“And what kind of story should I write?” said Sam.

“You will write about Leon coming back to life and him hooking up with Brock Farrington instead of Brock hooking up with Stella Avington,” said Libby. “I also want Stella, Daisy, and Eleanor to die and Sally to not have a boyfriend at all.”

Sam laughed, saying, “Well, you must be one of those crazy fangirls who like same-sex parings and hate straight pairings. And you want to break up canonically straight couples and kill the females in the relationship. What kind of writer do you take me for?”

“You will do what I ask, or I’ll destroy your family,” said Libby. “Plus, I’ll make it so the police will never find you.”

“You want to bet?” said Sam.

“Start writing!” said Libby.

Needless to say, Sam spent that weekend practically chained to the typewriter, writing a story that would only make him sick. He frowned, knowing that no writer should have to give in to a reader’s request. It didn’t matter if the readers wanted a certain pairing to happen or not. If nobody wanted a story about a straight couple, they could put down the story and read something else.

Of course, Mara received word that Sam had gone missing and not even the police or Sam’s family was allowed to look for him. But Team Sescape could.

After Sam completed his sixth bathroom break, Libby came into the room, saying, “And where is that story?”

“Here,” said Sam pointing to the manuscript on the table. “I hope it makes you happy, you freak.”

Libby picked up the story and read it, crying out, “OMG, I love it! That’s what your readers need to see. None of this “straights are better” crap! Plus, your faith has no place in your stories…”

“Oh that just tears it!” Sam snarled at her. “Just who do you think you are to say such horrible things to me? If your parents find out about the things you’ve done…”

“You don’t get to talk,” Libby snapped. “In fact, I’m going to break you in half!”

But she never had a chance, as Mara and her friend Tara Schindler burst into the room and subdued her, with Mara doing the Vulcan nerve pinch on Libby’s neck until she fainted.

“Thanks, guys,” said Sam as he saw Mara and Tara. “That girl made my life a living nightmare!”

“I’ve noticed when I got your text message,” said Mara. “Tara and I were working on a plan to rescue you. I didn’t think it would take us that long to find your location.”

“Get a load of this garbage!” Tara cried out as she read the manuscript. To Sam, she said, “Did she make you write this?”

“She did,” said Sam. “I can’t believe she made me write that crap! I mean, what is wrong with her?”

“Was she one of those crazy fangirls who held you hostage until you revived a dead character that she liked?” said Mara.

“Of course,” said Sam. “Libby was a crazy self-righteous fanatic who denounced my Christian faith and called me homophobic for killing Leon Levine! You both know how much of a jerk he was, and I never should have created him in the first place! But not to worry, for once she wakes up, she’ll find herself in a padded room. I will NOT be held down by anyone!”

“You should write about that for the student newspaper,” said Tara.

“And get rid of that garbage,” said Mara. “No one wants to read it.”

“Nope, we need it as evidence,” said Sam. “I’m sure a judge would be very interested to know what goes on in the mind of a crazy fan.”

To make a long story short, Libby was arrested for kidnapping and torturing a person under the age of 18 years (even though she was 16 years old). After the jury read Sam’s revised manuscript, they sentenced Libby to life at Blue Valley Sanitarium.

“Well, I’m just glad this is over,” said Sam as the Fantasy Writers club met in the library after school. “It sickens me to think that some people would want to twist up our stories to suit their own sick fantasies.”

“I’ve noticed,” said Mara. “I recently asked to take down a story featuring characters from my story. The site has yet to comply with my demand.”

“Such a shame you must do that,” said Tara. “Things like this make you want to reconsider being a writer.”

“Or not allow readers to create their own fanfiction based on your stories,” said Sam. “But let’s leave the debate for the professionals. We should focus on what we plan to write next.”

Little did Sam, Mara, and Tara (and the rest of the club) know that they had declared war on the fangirls…

Those Blasted Ainysians! (StoryADay)

“I blame my no-good idiotic great-uncle Branislav for this,” Sean snarled as a nurse asked him about the bump in his belly. His sisters Shannon and Joanna rushed him to the hospital upon hearing him scream as he fell down the stairs. (Thankfully, his children Evolet, Jaden, Candice, and Justin weren’t at home when the fall happened.)

“What are you talking about?” said the nurse.

“According to my father, my grandfather’s brother Bran was gay and he often fought with his family because of his homosexuality,” said Sean. “In fact, Bran used an ancient Ainysian spell to conceive children; that spell was banned when daughters started being born and Ainysian men started marrying those daughters.”

“And what is that Ainysian spell, I wonder,” said the nurse.

“Well, while I can’t tell you everything, I will say that when our ancestors were first formed, they came from gay couples,” said Sean. “The Atlantean gods were furious when they found that out and they sought to destroy the Ainysians. But several Ainysian families escaped from that destruction and came to Earth, hoping to begin a new life. Also, the younger Ainysians began practicing marriage, which they were influenced by what they saw earth couples doing, so there was no need for that spell.”

“And your great-uncle?” said the nurse. “What did he do?”

“Oh, he ruined nearly 3,000 years of abstainity when he used that spell to conceive children,” said Sean. “Now his stupidity has affected my father and me, as we both went through the same thing. But I know I’m not gay, so why is this happening to me?”

The nurse stared at him with a confused look on her face.

The End of This Story

They say that in life, all good things must come to an end, and this story is no different. I should know, as I have to put an end to a part of a story that I have written since I was eight years old.

It was time for me to end my obsession with the book series “The Trees of Light” by D.B. Painter.

I’m not sure how much I’m going to regret this, but I know for sure that I had to give up reading those books. It’s not healthy to obsess over one book when there are so many other books out there to read. And I had learned that lesson the hard way.

But it doesn’t mean I won’t miss reading the books; far from it, actually. I know that despite the inevitable depression that will set in, I will have to give up something I love for something I need, which is a normal life.

prompt #52. A story entitled “The End.

The Real Truth about Atlantis

So, what’s really going on in Atlantis?

It’s not the lost city of Atlantis that everyone knows about, it’s about an entire planet called Atlantis. While I want to say something good about the planet, I’m afraid I can’t.

Not as far as the people living in the Ainysian Valley, that was.

According to the story “Attack on Fandom”, the Ainysian people were created using foul sorcery in the Ainysian Valley and the Titans existed to destroy their enemies.

While the people of Ainysia were good, their creators were wicked men who sought to use them to control the world. The wise men of Atlantis prayed to the gods to deal with the wicked men and their Titanic monsters, only to unknowingly unleash the Biblical Great Flood. The flood drowned both Atlanteans and Ainysians as well as the Titans. The survivors were returned to Atlantis, but the Ainysians were punished for existing by being imprisoned on an inhospitable island called Nefaria; they were expected to die in a number of generations.

After a number of years, a group of Ainysians returned to Earth, where they live among the unsuspecting humans and protect them from the monsters that lurk in the shadows.

Prompt #50. A creation myth.

How Not to Write Fanfiction (StoryADay Post)

Dylan Drake and the Stupid Story That Repeats Itself by Belle Dancer (Noelle Forbes)

One day, Cyrus Nicholson, Jesse Barham, David Harrison, and April Weinstein were playing in the Misty Forest when Shane Dinanham showed up. As usual, he wore the most shiny and glittery outfit known to man.

“Shane what are you doing here?” Cyrus snapped as everyone glared at him. “Nobody likes you, so why are you bothering us?”

“It’s about Dylan,” said Shane. “He’s about to go on one of those dangerously suicidal missions again! We have to stop him before he does something completely stupid!”

“Oh come on, Shane,” said Dylan Drake as he showed up. “You know yourself. I was just down at The King’s Alehouse getting something to drink.”

“Please don’t tell me that he’s here,” said Cyrus.

“Who? Estazius Bloodworth?” said Dylan. “Please! That guy clearly doesn’t know when to take a break. Doesn’t he get tired of me beating him up and every other story?”

“You wish,” said Shane. “It’s not like he’s going to want to listen to reason. He’s a bad guy; it’s what they do.”

“Of course that’s what we do,” said the evil sorcerer as he showed up. “Prepare to die again, Dylan Drake!”

“Seriously? We gotta go through this again?” cried Dylan as he glared at Bloodworth. “Don’t you get tired of having to chase after me in every single book? It’s getting boring!”

“Like it or not, I’m still chasing after you, boy,” said Bloodworth, “and this time, I’m going to…”

Just then, the director of the TV show came out and said, “This program has been permanently cancelled, so goodbye everyone!”

-The End!