Catching a Criminal (StoryADay)

For the last few months, the killer M.A. struck the wealthy people living in Oceanview, killing them. It didn’t matter if they were actors, businessmen, or sports athletes; they all died the same way. The money they had was taken from their families and given to charity.

As the news about the killings increased, many people began to wonder what was going on. Was there no end to the nightmare gripping the city? Was the killer ever going to get caught?

Chas Myers frowned as he poured over the case involving the death of acting superstar Warren Maysonet. The man had been partying with friends when the killer struck him down. luckily, one of his friends had filmed the whole scene and turned it into the police, hoping to catch the killer before he or she struck again.

“I still can’t believe i’m doing this,” Chas said to Jarvis Monroe as they studied the file. “What is going on here? Why is M.A. targeting the rich and stealing the money and jewelry that should have gone to their families?”

“I don’t know,” said Jarvis. “But what I do know is that either the killer is a twisted version of Robin Hood or they have it out for rich people. We must find a way to stop them before they strike again. And this time, we shall make no mistakes.”

Chas frowned, knowing that Monica Dawson was still after him for the murder of her daughter, Erica. three months before, she had shot at him as he was attending a local basketball game. he wasn’t hurt, but the man sitting behind him died. After that incident, Chas had no choice but to arrest Jesse Kendrick for the murder of Erica Dawson. At present, the man was serving a 10-year sentence for his crime.

“Well, I’ve learned my lesson from what I failed to do before,” he said, “But how will I know that M.A. won’t strike again while we’re out?”

“Or they will,” said Jarvis. “They always make a terrible mistake, a mistake that leads to their eventual downfall. I would count on that, if nothing else.”

Chas nodded, but this time, he wasn’t about to take any chances.

Margo Althea Puckett had just made her 174th donation to the God’s Army Shelter. Michele Pederson (Who ran the shelter) said to her, “Thank you for your donation.”

“It’s not me who’s making this particular donation,” said Margo. “You should be thanking Warren Maysonet. After all, he just willed his entire fortune to this organization.”

“Well, that’s impressive of him,” said Jerry Mathison, “but did you know that he has donated millions of dollars from his films to the Kimberly Marshall Foundation to Prevent Cruelty to Disabled People?”

“Really?” said Margo.

“Yes,” said Michele. “Warren always believed that disabled people deserved a chance to live in society instead of being locked away.”

“I see,” said Margo as Chas and Jarvis stood behind her. She had no idea that within the next few minutes, her own life would be changed forever…

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In 30 Minutes, Three Cousins Get a Reality Check (StoryADay Post)

The following story will cause you to rethink the story “9/11 Averted“. In that story, three cousins named Logan Dara, Dicky Michaelson, and Andrea Marshall Élan decided to prevent the September 11, 2001 attacks and their own deaths when the read about the attacks in a strange newspaper.

But here comes the kicker: What if Logan, Dicky, and Andrea chose to ignore the warning and allow the story to take its natural course?

Here’s the answer to that question.

September 11, 2001, when the attacks were happening…

“Holy fricking schmit! How the hell did that happen???” Logan cried out as he, Dicky, and Andrea watched two planes smash into the Twin Towers, destroying them.

“I don’t know, but did that newspaper say that this was going to happen?” said Andrea.

“What newspaper?” said Logan.

“The newspaper you threw away because you said it was full of crap,” said Dicky. “I told us that the attacks were going to happen for a reason. But no, you chose to throw it away and dismiss is as harmful gossip. Now look at us!”

When the Twin Towers came crashing down, the cousins found themselves running with the rest of the crowd as the disaster continued. But when they came face to face with Jabez Bozeman (who was hired to kill them), this shocking plot twist happened…

Jabez said, “I should have known you wouldn’t give up. Why can’t you just go away and die?”

“Because telling someone to “go away and die” is evil and completely unnecessary,” said Andrea. “Besides, don’t you have anything better to do than to go around hurting other people because you hate yourself?”

“What did you say?” Jabez yelled, but then he fell dead to the ground with a knife embedded in his throat. Logan said, “Wow, this is an interesting plot twist. Even though the Twin Towers were attacked and many people died, we’ve somehow managed to escape from our deaths.”

“Yeah,” said Dicky. “We must be very lucky indeed.”

Just then, an angry Sean Michael Rowes came to the scene. He was wielding a sword and a gun, as he had been fighting a group of men sent to kill the cousins. He said, “What the hell have you done?!”

“What?” said Logan.

“I gave you that that newspaper article for a reason,” Sean snapped as he glared at the cousins.

“What reason?” said Dicky.

“To stop this…” Here, Sean pointed to the Twin Towers (which was now a smoldering pile of glass and steel), “from happening! You could have saved hundreds of innocent lives, but no, you were too stupid to do that! You should have known I was trying to put an end to those attacks!”

“Well, sorry if we didn’t get the message,” said Andrea.

“Sorry isn’t going to cut it,” said Sean. “You ruined everything. You broke the rules. You sacrificed so many good people to satisfy your selfish pride. I can’t believe you guys!”

“So what do we do now?” said Logan.

“What we’re going to do is you’re all going to have to disappear from New York and never return,” said Sean. “Not to your families.”

“Really?” said Dicky. “Why not?”

“As soon as rumors start spreading that you guys knew of the attacks and refused to do anything about it, the people will be coming after you for not stopping the attacks,” said Sean. “President Bush won’t be too happy to hear your misdeeds. And I’m not even going to mention how upset Deirdre and Roger are going to be when they find out that you didn’t stop the attacks when you had the chance.”

“So we’ll have to die,” said Dicky.

“Yes,” said Sean. “You must die. But there’s a place in an abandoned section of New York called Elymnore. I don’t know where it is, but you’re going to have to stay there until we get everything sorted out.”

“Well, this sucks,” said Logan. “I thought we were trying to prevent our own deaths, but it turns out that the opposite happened. It’s no wonder why we Ainysians are getting such a bad rap nowadays.”

“You got it, bub,” said Sean. To Mobley, who stood next to him, he said, “Come on, Mobley, let’s get this over with. I’ve already got a huge mess to clean up and I don’t feel like doing it.”

Within a few hours, the newspapers were flooded with the news about the deaths of Logan, Dicky, and Andrea during the September 11th attacks. (Of course, Sean and Mobley had secretly disguised three mannequins as the cousins in question, but no one knew that.) As the Trichenberg family mourned the deaths of three of its members, Sean said to Mobley, “Well, we may have lost the Twin Towers and a part of the Pentagon, but we can still correct several other mistakes. Let’s see if we can persuade Deirdre to allow us to promote “The Frostfall” and use it to dethrone “Harry Potter & the Sorcerer’s Stone“, shall we?”

To make a long story short, “Frostfall” completely shut down Harry Potter (and erased all chances for the movie to have a sequel or even build a franchise), but the war on terror still went as planned, as no one is allowed to use terror on another country and get away with it.

“Such a shame,” Sean said as he sat on the deck of a huge mansion and drank a glass of champagne. Of course, Leslie Harlington (who ordered the death of the cousins) was lying dead at his feet. “It’s all because my cousins and I hated your precious homosexuality-promoting children’s book, am I right? But who cares, you’re dead. Now your father can finally get his hands on everything you have and remake that story. What a waste of a life.”

He thought about Logan, Dicky, and Andrea, who were forever forced to live in Elymnore as punishment for failing to prevent the September 11 attacks. But he knew that nothing would last forever, as he decided that Osama bin Laden would have to go.

But that was for a different story, as this story is now done.

Not the Star-Spangled Banner

I don’t seem to care for the star-spangled banner.

I am not an American citizen, no matter where my place of birth is. I don’t feel patriotic or inspired by a country that has done so much cruel and horrible things to other people because they were not white. I cannot feel like an American, not because of what I was, but it’s more about who I really am.

That’s why I’m leaving the country that oppressed me since the day I was born and moving to a country that will not judge me on who I am, but will accept me for the man I am to become.

Don’t be too angry with me for leaving, but know that as long as you are not what they want you to be, you will never be happy.

Prompt #27. A story that features a song or poem.

I’ve Never Been to France

OK, so almost everyone in my new school has been to France. But as an ex-pat (a term referred to Americans who move out of America and live in another country) living in England, I realized I’m going to get a lot of flack for not going to France. I mean, what’s so great about France, anyway? Sure they helped America during the American Revolution and they have the city of Paris and the Louvre and Notre Dame (no hunchbacks need apply), and fine cheeses and wines. But why is going to France seem to be mandatory for all the students in my school?

I’ve been to Canada, which I believed was good enough for going out the country. But when I said that to the teacher, she laughed. She apparently thinks you haven’t traveled anywhere until you’re in a place where you can’t get to by car within an hour. Which means my family driving from Seattle to Canada doesn’t count, but we’ll get to that later.

So have I been to France? Nope. But will I have to go there in the future? Yes. And I’m not sure how I’m going to handle that right now.

prompt #17. A story set in a country you’ve never been to.

Post 9/11 (StoryADAy Post)

September 11, 2001 attacks in New York City: V...
September 11, 2001 attacks in New York City: View of the World Trade Center and the Statue of Liberty. (Image: US National Park Service ) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I wondered what was going on when I went to Dicky Michaelson’s apartment and found it empty. It was like no one had even lived there. Dicky and his children, Lysander and Margaret, weren’t there.

For the first time in 13 years, there was no one at Apartment 484.

I wondered what had happened to Dicky, as I knew that he wouldn’t leave the apartment unless he was traveling the country doing book promotions. Lysander and Margaret were at the age where they spent more time with their friends than with their father. But this couldn’t be right. No one leaves this apartment building without a word; that’s not how it’s done.

Yet, that’s what happened to Dicky. He left the apartments The sad part was that no one saw him leaving the place either.

The events of September 11, 2001 came and passed; rumors about him and his two cousins Logan Dara and Andrea Marshall Elan being kidnapped and murdered in the streets near the World Trade Center spread through the entire city like wildfire. But I would know if Dicky was dead, as I am an EMT. Plus, those rumors about his death couldn’t be proven in any case.

Yet on September 15, 2001, I (along with the rest of the country) gasped in shock when Dicky revealed that he learned about his impending death on September 11 and he and his two cousins fled across state lines and hid in Boston, Massachusetts. Their would-be killers were arrested by the police soon after they left New York. I found myself breathing a huge sigh of relief, as I didn’t want to tell Lysander and Margaret about their father’s death.

But I wasn’t satisfied with everything that happened; mainly Dicky choosing to hide in Boston and have the entire country wondering where he was. I mean, he could have asked the NYPD for help instead of skipping town. But that wasn’t for me to decide.

Foiled! (StoryADay Post)

Osama bin Laden was extremely angry.

He found out that his planned attack on the Twin Towers was thwarted by the FBI. The police had taken 19 men into custody and accused them of plotting to attack the United States of America by hijacking four airplanes and smashing them into buildings. The men were sitting in a federal prison outside Virginia awaiting their inevitable trial.

He was even angrier when he discovered that three American cousins (two of them with mental disabilities) had exposed that plot to the world. They weren’t supposed to know anything about the attacks to begin with. Many people around the world became angry upon hearing the news of said plot and they called for his arrest and execution.

The rest of the story was how he reacted to the news of the cousins thwarting the attacks, but that part has been deemed unfit for publication.