365 Themes Challenge: Memories


Memories (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The only memories that I have are the memories of my life in the summer of 1987.

Those were the good memories that I had, seeing as the rest of my life went downhill on October 4, 1987.

I was six years old, and life in my hometown was a great one. You didn’t have to worry about anything bad happening to you, just as long as you went outside to play during the day and came home after dark.

The memories are all I have, since that summer of 1987.

I still remember the smell of freshly grilled hot dogs, the taste of popsicles, and the sounds of laughter as the kids ran and shouted on the playground. I remember playing with my toys in the sand-pit and the occasional water balloon fight.

Those were my memories, the only memories that I have.

What I don’t have is the ability to recall my name or the names of my parents. I don’t even remember my hometown anymore. I have lost the memories of my entire childhood a long time ago.

Except the memory of the summer of 1987.

Because that was the summer before a terrible thing happened to me.

Nothing To Do With Intensity (NaPoWriMo, Day 18)

and what is it that i have done
to deserve all the intese love
you tell me i’m special, i say that i am not
you try to erase all my doubts

yet we all must have some degree of codubt
as that helps us to know ourselves more
but the intesnity is what gets us in the end.

365 Themes Challenge: Pretense

What a Fool Believes

What a Fool Believes (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Never in his life had he considered the fact that it was all pretend. Not when he hadn’t seen it coming.

He should have known that his girlfriend was only pretending to love him.

How could I have been so blind, he said to himself. How could I have known that she didn’t love me? I tried to stay true to her, but why didn’t she stay true to me? Is there anything wrong with me?

His whole life, he had been taught to keep a mask on, to never betray his true feelings. But he knew that the lessons that he had been taught were lies. He had no choice but to pretend to date a girl who preferred to be with other girls instead of being with guys.

He had been fooled once, but he knew that the next time he decided to enter into a relationship, he was never going to be fooled again.

He was not going to fall for anyone else’s pretenses.

1 More Crusade (NaPoWriMo, Day 13)

English: Medieval miniature painting of the Si...

English: Medieval miniature painting of the Siege of Antioch (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


all i want
is one more day
to live my life
before i die

but you want
me to die
so you can claim
that you loved me my life

my life is not your crusade
your life is meaningless to me
one day i will claim your life
and i will dislike you your life

Flaming Persuasion (NaPoWriMo, Day 3)

its a heartful feeling that i have

and what better way to embrace it than

running through the fiefs of clay

and praying the never see the end of day

Don’t Question The Moment (NaPoWriMo, Day 2)

i just don’t understand
how things could go from good to bad
within a few seconds
this moment isn’t for you to understand

how many lies have we heard
how many truths have we been forced to ignore
the moment for that is over
now comes the time to rise

365 Themes Challenge: Accuracy


Archery (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

She drew the bow back and released the arrow, astounded to know how she could have hit that bull’s eye when the rest of her classmates couldn’t even hit the top of the target. It wasn’t like she was born with superb archery skills to begin with.


Jacquelyn had to work hard just to get to where she was now.

While girls her age were playing with baby dolls or being obsessed with boy bands, her father taught her how to fight. How to shoot an arrow with precision. How to keep herself alive and not wait for anyone to rescue her. Jacquelyn learned the hard way that the world had no room for a girl who daydreamed instead of fighting actual battles.

While she stared at her jealous classmates, who glared at her for being better than them, Jacquelyn shook her head, knowing that she was miles ahead of those who would be where she was now…the following year.

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