Toy Time 2: Disney’s Descendants

“Now, remind me of why we’re doing this stupid Cosplay,” Humphrey said to Jaclyn as the toys gathered around the bookcase. Jaclyn had seen the Disney movie “Descendants” and she wanted the rest of the toys to make a Cosplay about the characters. And she wasn’t about to take the word “no” for an answer.”

“For your information, Humphrey, this Cosplay is not stupid, and you’re participating in it, whether you like it or not,” said Jaclyn.

“That’s not fair!” Tierra snapped at her. “Just because you’re the leader of the toys doesn’t give you the right to boss us around!”

“For your information, Tierra, I didn’t say you could come back, not when you’re already on probation for stealing my name,” said Jaclyn. “And second, we’re all doing the Cosplay, even Humphrey.”

“And Humphrey’s the biggest toy in the toy box,” said Ryan. “How do you expect him to play a character when he’s bigger than all of us?”

“Oh, I have my ways,” said Jaclyn.

“So, you decide to make Humphrey be a character in Descendants and he’s bigger than us?” Susie snapped as she came to where the other toys were standing. “Abeau to you if you think you’re going to humiliate my best friend and get away with it!”

Jaclyn glared at Susie, but then she said, “Alright, here’s how this thing is going to go: Tyanna will be Mal, Bellabee will be Evie, Olin will be Jay, Spotsy will be Carlos, Ryan will be Ben, and Lena will be Audrey…”

“Now just one minute here,” said Tierra as she glared at Jaclyn. “I believe I’m the brains of this operation…”

“No you’re not, because you’re going to be playing Hermione, daughter of Hercules,” said Jaclyn.

“If I’m so bold as to interrupt, I don’t think we should use the name Hermione for Tierra’s character, especially since most people would associate that name with Harry Potter,” said Humphrey.

“Stay out of this, Humphrey!” Jaclyn snapped.

“And abeau to those who think the name Hermione exists only in Harry Potter,” Susie snapped. “And Jaclyn, you will NOT make me be in your Cosplay.”

“But yes you are,” said Jaclyn. “In fact, you will play…”

“NO! I will NOT be in your play!” Susie snapped. “In fact, you will NEVER make me be in your play! You can’t make me do anything!”

“Yes I can, and I will,” said Jaclyn. “So, what are you going to do about that?”

Well, the rest of the story details a fight between Jaclyn and Susie, but I’m sorry to say that it’s unsuitable for publication.


Afternoon For Eternity

(The first song in the “Pushing Up Daisies” album by Kerry Powers.)

I spent an hour looking into the mirror, wondering how did things go so wrong. I’m not the person I thought I could be, not a person I could be
proud of. How did it come to this? Who do I think I am? I’m not a person
who’s worth of the life I’m living…

I spent an hour looking into the mirror, wondering what should I do? The world isn’t going to sit around and wait for me to come to it. I know I have to leave my dreams behind and say goodbye to all my childish fantasies; but who’s going to help me when the world tries to destroy me for being who I am?

I spent an hour looking into the mirror, knowing that I have to reach out. I need to free myself from the monster that I’ve become, as I could
only be that way for so long. tolerance and acceptance has killed more
people that it has helped. only a life in God’s hands can set me free…

And how could I reject the gift of freedom that God is offering me? to reject that gift is to be a fool. I say God, please set me free from the monster the world wants me to be. make me want to be a better person, one who will glorify your name…

I spent an hour looking into the mirror, seeing the person I was meant to be. If only they could see me as I see myself, that would be better than the
labels they put on me. Or maybe I should stop looking into the mirror,
for the mirror has poisoned the heart. I need to see others instead of just myself, I need to see them through my eyes; they’re not as bad as my mind wants me to think…

So, You Always Wanted to be a Princess…

My whole life, I had always wanted to be a princess. I don’t know when or how, but I always pretended to be a princess, never minding the fact that being a princess is harder than it looks.

So, why was I locked up in a dark room in a stone castle?

I will be honest and admit that I had always wanted to be a princess, but my real life kept getting in the way. I always kept to myself and dodged other people whenever I needed to be in contact with them. I hated having to hide my interest in the “Trees of Light” books while watching my fellow classmates read pointless teen fiction. Don’t they know that reading teen fiction is hazardous for their health?

But the biggest offense was being annoying and rude to the librarian who suggested that I find something else to read. Doesn’t she know that the “Trees of Light” are my whole world? I can’t function unless I read five chapters of the books every night. I can’t think about anything else but pretending to be Princess Madeleine Fallsworth of Eswoth.

Yet I have a secret that no one knows about. If anyone were to find out this secret, it would forever ruin their perception about me. (As you can tell, most people believed that I was stupid, useless, and (in worse cases) “retarded“. No one thought I was worth anything, not even the foster family I lived with.)

Of course, many people were trying to “help” me with my “problems“, which I thought was absurd; I don’t have any problems, they’re the ones who have problems. There’s no way in this life that I will ever be like them.

I then remembered Ryan Barker, the heartless bully who beat up anyone trying to be better than what he thought they should be. No one was safe from him; even the adults and his own parents were afraid of him. He ruled the school with an iron fist.

Whenever he approached me, I made sure to ignore him. I was eight years old and had a mind of my own. No one told me what to do, and I was able to go to the library instead of playing on the playground like the other kids.

But one day, Ryan caught me going into the library and beat me up. I ended up in the hospital in a coma, unable to live or die. When I did recover, I knew that all I had left was my imaginary world, a world I could never escape from as long as I lived.

Now as I looked around the place and saw where I was, I knew that I was physically in my imaginary world, but that world was now real. As in, I was now a princess living in a fancy castle, whether I liked it or not. And to make matters worse, that wasn’t the only problem I had to deal with…