The Bigger They Are…(StoryADay Post)

They say that the bigger you are, the harder you fall.

Yet, that rule didn’t apply to Tanya Shinnok and her friends Pearl Tanner, Mara Llewellyn, Stuart Greer, and Irene Laughton. If anything, they were notorious for stopping bullies in their tracks and helping people victimized by those bullies. Many of those bullies hated the kids, as they ensured that the bullies were punished with detention, suspension, and (in some cases) expulsion.

The bigger those bullies seem to be, the harder they fall.

It wasn’t just Tanya telling on them to a teacher; in fact, she had the bullies exposed in a variety of ways. Mara had security cameras rigged to record the incidents as they occurred. Stuart defended the victims (based on their race). Irene knew most of the students in the school. (Who knew what Pearl was good at, but it certainly contributed to taking down bullies). They and Tanya made Harrison Creek Middle School a safe place for many students during their years at the school.

Yet, some people didn’t like the crew and their act of taking down bullies. In fact, many angry parents of students punished for bullying demanded that the principal get rid of Tanya. Likewise, the parents of students who were victims of bullying were angry with the principal for not stopping the bullies. (Of course Tanya scolded the parents of the bullies for not doing enough to discipline their children. In the victim’s case, she scolded the parents for not teaching their children about what they should and shouldn’t do in school.)

No matter how the story goes, the bigger they are, the more pain they get.

Tanya, Mara, Stuart, Irene, and Pearl eventually met their match in three students. Their names were Trevor Shinnok, Jacalina Gilmore, and Grace Gifford. Those three students had gotten in trouble for bullying other students. Instead of putting an end to their bullying ways as the other bullies who Tanya caught, they called themselves the Bullying Trio and caused trouble for everyone. But for every student they hurt with their bullying, Tanya and her group caught them and reported them to the principal. Yet, he couldn’t get them detention or suspend them no matter how many times the trio ended up in his office.

The bigger they get, the higher they rise.

But the Bullying Trio had played their final trick, when they plotted to frame the Bully Catchers (which Tanya, Mara, Stuart, Irene, and Pearl were called) and expose them for the bullies that they were. But they had no idea that Mara’s cameras caught them in the act. Their plot was exposed all over the school, with angry students calling for their expulsion. (In fact, the student council didn’t let them graduate with the rest of the class.) Yet the worst part about this was that Tanya had won in the end, and they just couldn’t handle it.

So in truth, the bigger the bullies were, the harder they fell; yet the bigger Tanya got, the higher she rose.

Three Things (StoryADay Post)

Of course, there were three things that I should not do.

  1. Don’t play on the wooden playground behind the Gautlier house.
  2. Don’t go to the Fellowship pond alone
  3. Don’t talk to the kids who live at the end of the lane.

But those were just a bunch of silly rules made to keep people like those who live in my city fearful and ignorant; those who make the rules can use the rules to control the people.

But I’m going to break those three silly rules no matter what they say.
Just try to stop me.

I’m Already Tormented Enough (StoryADay Post)

I see you in the halls, wanting to torment me. I know you want to hurt me. You think you can just hurt anyone you want and get away with it, don’t you? You want to call me bad names, don’t you?

OK, before you call me that name you wan to call me, please hear me out.

I already have a hard time trying to live, ok? My brother complains that no one is treating him right because he thinks of himself as a woman. Well guess what, DUDE, nobody gives a crap about what you think; not when my own problems are more important than yours.

And yes, me having mental problems should be your biggest concern, not your selfish desires.

Still not convinces? Well, my sister’s gay and she feels that no one’s taking her seriously. She thinks me being mentally disabled is a joke and I’m being disabled just to get attention. But the foot’s on the other shoe, so to speak. She’s the one trying to get attention, but she just won’t admit it.

Plus, my parents are having problems in their marriage, so they can’t corral everyone like they should.

But you want to make fun of me, well, go on right ahead. I hope you like spending the next few weeks with a black eye.

Let the Madness Begin! (StoryADay Post)

At the same time, Mara, Stuart, and Pearl (who remained at the clubhouse) quickly cleaned up the place and left; they were too upset to continue the after-the-promotion party. Not when Tanya was missing.

“I don’t think this is fair,” said Stuart as they climbed into a golf cart Mara’s uncle Jonas refurbished for her when she refused to ride a bike. “Tanya is missing and we ignored it until it was too late. What kind of friends are we?”

“Not unless Tanya was stolen by people who like bullies,” said Pearl.

“Well, there is that,” said Stuart.

“It doesn’t matter,” said Mara.

“What?” said Pearl.

“It doesn’t matter how long she’s been missing,” said Mara. Stuart glared at her. “All it matters is that Tanya is missing and we have to find her.”

“You’re right, Mara,” said Pearl. “Tanya is missing. People are setting aside their opinions about her and searching for her as we speak. The police have been notified and they are coming to assist in the search. But what worries me is that Trevor Shinnok and Grace Gifford might have had a hand in Tanya’s disappearance, if you know what I mean.”

“Yeah, I hate those jerks,” said Mara. “Why do we even bother with them, anyway?”

“Why is Jackie friends with them?” said Stuart.

“Why indeed,” said Mara.

“We are Jackie’s friends as we are Tanya’s friends,” said Pearl. “Trevor and Grace are not nice to her because you expose her secret to the school…”

“OK, so I did something stupid to Jackie last year,” said Stuart. “What’s your excuse?”

“You have no excuses,” said Mara, “not where it counts. Plus, you still haven’t apologized to her for hurting her feelings.”

“I’ll get to it when I get to it,” said Stuart as Mara pulled the golf cart to his house. “But she needs to get rid of those jerks first.”

He stepped out of the cart and ran into his house, saying, “Don’t say anything if the reporters want to shove their microphones into your faces.”

“Well, the last thing I need is to be plastered all over Harrison Creek for being friends with the Bully Punisher,” said Mara.

“Exactly,” said Stuart as he went into his house.

“Funny,” said Pearl as Mara drove the cart away from Stuart’s house.

“What?” said Mara.

“Stuart says Jackie needs to dump Trevor and Grace,” said Pearl.

“And she will, as soon as we tell her the truth,” said Mara. She shuddered, knowing that while Jackie was friends with Trevor and Grace, Jackie also hung out with her, Stuart, Irene, Pearl, and Tanya. Jackie needed to know where her allegiances laid. There was no way she was staying with the Bullies, not where it counted.

– – – –

“Oh, so that’s how this is, isn’t it?” said Irene as she walked into the room. She found out that Trevor, Grace, and Jackie were holding a “We Got Rid of Tanya” party. That angered her more than anything they had done.

A Bully’s Regret (StoryADay Post)

While the city of Harrison Creek was horrified over the disappearance of Tanya Shinnok, Trevor Shinnok, Jackie Gilmore, and Grace Gifford were at Grace’s house, celebrating their rival’s disappearance. They hated her because she exposed them as bullies in their seventh grade year; that incident cost them their reputations and friendships with other students.

Thanks to Tanya, they were known as the Bullying Trio, a trio of kids no one liked or wanted to be around.

“I don’t care what everyone else thinks, Tanya is gone and good riddance!” said Trevor.

“Good riddance to her,” said Grace. “I never liked her anyway.”

“I don’t know about you, but it’s not as much fun with her gone,” said Jackie. Trevor and Grace glared at her. “I mean it. It’s not the same without her glaring at us for something we did.”

“Jackie, are you all right?” said Grace.

“What are you talking about?” said Jackie as she glared at Grace.

“It’s not like you to talk like that, like you actually care about Tanya,” said Trevor. “You don’t care about Tanya, or do you?”

“Why do you ask?” said Jackie.

“Because word on the street is that you do care about Tanya,” said Grace. “Haven’t you forgot that she destroyed you and called you a bully for pushing Carina Martin down the stairs while we were in the seventh grade?”

“Carina is a liar,” said Trevor. “And from what I recall, Vicki Daniels pushed her down the stairs and blamed Jackie.”

“Who cares about who pushed who down the stairs?” Jackie snarled, making Trevor and Grace shake in their shoes. “I’m tired of being a bully! It’s not fun anymore!”

“Well, there is that,” said Grace.

“What are you talking about?” said Trevor.

“The fact that things have turned south since Tanya called us bullies,” said Grace. “She literally destroyed us.”

“Yeah, and your point is?” said Trevor.

“My point is that bullying hurts people,” said Jackie, “and the day Tanya called us bullies was the day she hurt us. Sure it was fun to harass people and laugh at their misfortunes, but when Stuart Greer called me a muttonhead and spread that rumor about me having three disabled little brothers, I found myself feeling hurt by his cruel words and that evil rumor. Suddenly, I realized that being a bully was no longer fun.”

“See? That’s how Tanya gets to you,” said Trevor. “She exposes you as a bully and has her helpers make you feel guilty about hurting people. Some people deserve to be oppressed; they’re just asking for it, if anyone cares to hear my opinion on the matter.”

“Trevor, don’t be stupid,” said Grace. “Don’t tell me that you don’t feel guilty after making fun of that Oscar Alston for his disability, because you do.”

“Oscar is a stupid kid who should have stayed in the special ed classroom,” Trevor began, but he fell silent as Grace and Jackie saw Irene Haughton standing in the doorway of Grace’s bedroom with an angry look on her face.

Summer of Pain (StoryADay Post)

Rugrats: Scavenger Hunt

Rugrats: Scavenger Hunt (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

“I can’t believe they had the gall to do this to us,” said mara as the kids met at their usual spot. “I mean, who do these people think they are?”

Several weeks before, Mara llewellyn and her friends Stuart Greer, Irene Haughton, and Pearl Tanner were forced to play scavenger hunt with a dangerous stranger. The Stranger claimed to have kidnapped their friend, Tanya Shinnok, and he left clues about her true identity throughout the city of Harrison Creek for the kids to find. To make matters worse, the police and other trusted adults are not allowed to get involved with the case.

“It doesn’t matter,” said Stuart. “All I know is that no one could help us and we had to do all the work by ourselves. It’s like our faith in humanity was shattered.”

“Not completely shattered,” said Pearl. “Remember that Shara showed up right around the same time telling it disappeared. She solved the mystery before we got a chance to.”

“Well, good for her,” said Irene. “I’m glad she isn’t the type to be scared off so easily by a cruel stranger.”

For all the summer that they had without their friend and ringleader, Mara, Stuart, Irene, and Pearl learned that Tanya had gotten many people in trouble because they messed with her. Many people living in the city were shocked to know that such horrible acts of bullying were happening in their schools and many students were suspended as a result of the bullying. Someone who didn’t like Tanya decided to make her disappear, but that backfired the moment Shara revealed that Tanya Shinnok was not real.

As for the others, they didn’t know what to think. On one hand, they were glad that Sarah has showed up when she did and help to solve the mystery, but they were upset to know they were forced into a scavenger hunt no one else could help them with.

What Seamus Saw (StoryADay Post)

The year was 1957. I was sitting at my usual booth at the Serenity Diner staring into my plate. I don’t know why I keep coming here, as my partner of the moment, Alan Martin, kept trying to distract me with nonsensical small talk.

Also, I kept staring at a woman who sat across the diner. She was with who appeared to be her boyfriend, but the man was apparently no good. I saw that he would rather play poker with his friends than pay attention to his girlfriend. I felt sorry for the woman; she had a huge headache she couldn’t get rid of. I myself had a headache, and that headache was trying to get my attention in the worst way.

Seamus, dear, stop staring at that woman; you know women are just no good,” Alan said as he grabbed my hand. “Need I remind you of what happened to the last woman who wanted to hook up with you?”

I found myself glaring at him; how dare he speak about my last relationship as if he himself didn’t destroy it! I could have married Carolyn by now if HE didn’t come into the picture. “I would be careful not to mention Carolyn Woodard if I want to keep my head,” I said with a snarl on my face. “Besides, her father is a rich man. You’re lucky he didn’t have you tied up and thrown into the ocean for insulting his daughter like that.

“Oh Seamus, you know yourself,” said Alan. “You’re a gay man and that’s all you’re going to be. You don’t need a wife or children, not when you have me.”

What was that guy rambling about? I wanted to have a family as all my brothers and sisters did. It was my idiotic uncle Branislav’s fault that I ended up being gay; his twisted ways almost tore our family apart. (Plus, I had to bury several cousins and most of my aunts; but don’t ask me about that.)

I frowned, knowing that my relationship with Alan would never be accepted. I know the songs on the jukebox spoke about the love between a man and a woman, not two men. That wasn’t how it was done.

I stared at the woman again; she had apparently grown tired of watching her boyfriend and his friends playing poker and ignoring her. Within a few minutes, I saw her getting up from the table and leaving the diner.

I knew exactly what I had to do. I had to get rid of the headache known as Alan Martin. The sooner I got rid of him, the better.

Before I could stop myself, I left the diner and chased after the woman. I had to know her name.

What Makes a Tragedy? (StoryADay Post)

Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends

Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

link to original story: Lies, Lies, Lies!

The police pulled the body of 16-year-old Jason Crawford from the bottom of Eckert Lake.

If that doesn’t make you sad, the story behind his death will.

Jason was responsible for exposing Ella Norris as a fraud after spending four months in English class listening to her “lies” about her “adventures in Stupidland” when she was playing in her coat closet. After Jason turned the rest of the class against her, Ella was expelled from Autryville High School.

But she wasn’t going to let that go without a fight.

While her parents demanded that the principal allow her back into the school (and the principal ordered the Norris family to send Ella to a mental hospital), Ella saw the boy who ruined her life hanging out with his friends by the lake. She felt that he did not deserve to go to school or have friends because he was “normal” and she was “retarded”. She decided to punish him for destroying her life.

Hence, her clubbing him in the back of his head and pushing him into the lake, where he drowned.

But this story isn’t over yet.

When the news about Jason’s death got out, many people in Autryville, Pennsylvania demanded that Ella be put to death for killing a boy who did nothing wrong but told her to stop playing with her imaginary friends. Ella’s parents tried to explain that Ella was “just a kid” and “she didn’t mean to kill that boy”, but no one was buying it. To the city, Ella was a selfish person who bullied the other kids for being “normal”, never had any friends, and preferred the company of imaginary friends.

After Jason’s family decided to press charges against Ella, the city geared up for the trial of the year. After a three-week trial, Ella was found guilty of murder and sentenced to life in a psychiatric hospital. Her parents were not allowed to defend her, nor could they visit her at the hospital.

So now we have the sad story about a girl who loved to play in the coat closet but is now in solitary confinement in a psychiatric hospital because she committed an unnecessary murder of an innocent boy who told her to stop talking to her imaginary friends. As this story ends, you should pay attention to it and if possible, rethink your life.

Ok, Who Gave You Permission to Write This Story? (StoryADay Post)

In another universe, Michael Lowery, Sadie Green, Isaac Hammond, Paul Turner, and Thomas Stone were hanging out at Jack’s Clubhouse when the Norse god Loki showed up.

“Who are you?” said Isaac as he stared at the god.

“He’s Loki,” said Michael. “Don’t you know who he is?”

“Don’t tell me, it’s Loki from those “Thor” movies,” said Sadie.

“So does that mean we’re going to get Loki?” said Paul.

“Not if you want him to trick you,” said Michael. “He’s a trickster God, after all.”

“You’re quite right,” said Loki.

“Let me guess: you’re going to play a trick on someone?” said Thomas.

“Well, I have someone who owes me something, and they didn’t pay up,” said Loki.

“And who owes you something and they didn’t pay you back?” said Thomas.

“Someone by the name George Stewart and Samuel Burton,” said Loki. “They had the nerve to make a demand that I couldn’t meet, and they owe me for that last trick they did with your friend Tyler Dawson and Lucas Nelson…”

“Oh no, they killed them, didn’t they?” said Sadie.

“Nope,” said Loki. “I just sent them to Disneyland. They tried to get me to do the same thing to your friend Thomas, but I knew Thor was going to find out if I was involved in yet another disappearance. So I told them no.”

“They’re not going to like that,” said Michael.

“Then they’re not going to love what I’m doing to do to them,” sad Loki.

To make this long story short, so she ended up torturing Mr. Stewart and Mr. Burton until they admitted to the police that they organized the kidnapping of Tyler Dawson and Lucas Nelson. Of course, they claim that the god Loki made them do it, but nobody believed them.

“Never thought this would happen,” said Sadie as the group celebrated their friends’ safe return. “Who knows what would have happened if Loki hadn’t showed up when he did.”

“Who cares?” I said Thomas. “We got our friends back, Mr. Stewart and Mr. Burton are in jail, and everything’s going our way. What could possibly go wrong?”

Unfortunately, the kids forgot that Loki was still around causing nothing but trouble for the city of Harrison Creek, Oregon

Capturing the Stranger (Genderflipped edition) (StoryADay Post)

Pretty Little Liars (book)

Pretty Little Liars (book) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

“I can’t believe this happened,” said Sadie as the kids watched Mr. Stewart being arrested by the police. “How were we to know that Terry’s dad was the Stranger?”

“I don’t know,” said Michael, “but there had to be a reason why he did whatever it was that he did.”

“I hope so,” said Isaac. “He wouldn’t have kidnapped Tom and hampered all efforts to find him without a motivation.”

The trio stood and watched as Shane and Paul, along with Terry and Louie, came toward them. “Guys, what happened here?” Shane cried out. “I could hear police sirens from a mile away.”

Sadie said, “Well, it’s kind of a funny story…”


“I can’t believe you chose to do this instead of going to the movies,” said Sadie as she, Isaac, and Michael drove away from the theater and went to the neighborhood where the old Mycroft house was located. “What could be more important than a movie?” They were sure that someone living in the house had something to do with the Thomas Stone debacle.

“Well, I know that Terry didn’t have anything to do with Tom’s disappearance and Tiffany and Torvald aren’t involved with Tom either,” said Michael. “So it has to be one of his parents.”

“Why is it always adults that do that kind of thing?” said Isaac.

“Because whenever Thomas Stone is brought up, our trust in our parents and other adults decreases,” said Sadie. “Soon, I fear that the FBI will step in and take us from our families like what happened when Mimi Johnson was murdered years ago.”

“Let’s make sure that this doesn’t happen to us,” said Michael.

They made their way to the house and found a secret passage that led to a part of the house which contained an office full of computers, tablets, cell phones, and hidden video cameras.

“What is this place?” Michael cried out.

“It must be where the Stranger lives,” said Sadie.

“No doubt about it,” said Michael. “He must have been tacking our movements and everything we do or say.”

“Just like in “Pretty Little Liars“,” said Isaac as everyone glared at him. “I’ve read those books. I know what’s going on. I bet their story applies to us.”

“But unlike the girls, I know how to end this story,” said Sadie as she whipped out her cell phone. “The police routinely watch social media websites to weed out criminals. We need to report this now while no one can stop us.”

She took pictures of the computers and tablets and everything on them, beginning with summer 2005, when the trouble with Tom began to summer 2010, when the horror truly began. The boys walked around the place, searching for clues that would lead them to Tom and his killer, but instead found fake documents and school records belonging to a boy named James Osborn.

“OK, now who the heck is James?” Michael snapped as he read the papers.

“I don’t know,” said Isaac, “but something tells me that we’re soon going to find out.”

“What are you children doing in my office?” A voice cut into the air. Michael and Isaac quickly pulled the door shut, locked it, and set a bar across the door as well as a heavy steel cabinet.

“You might want to call the police,” said Isaac as Michael gathered the papers. “We have a problem.”

“Why?” said Sadie. “We’re already having a hard time trusting adults as it is, so why should we ask them for help?”

“Because they’re the only thing between us and whoever’s out there,” said Michael. “Now hurry up, we don’t have much time!”

As Sadie called the police, the boys cringed as they heard the Stranger on the other end pounding on the door. They knew that the next few minutes could mean life or death…


“So that’s where you were while we were at the movies,” said Shane. “You were snooping around the Old Mycroft place.”

“Not just snooping,” said Sadie. “The Stranger has their office here.” They all watched as the police hauled papers, computers, tablets, and cell phones from a large office.

“Ok, that’s all fine and dandy,” said Paul, “but who is the Stranger?”

They all watched as Mr. Stewart was hauled away in handcuffs. The man cursed and screamed as the police were taking him away.

“Well, what a great plot twist,” said Louie. “Terry’s dad was the Stranger all along. How did no one but us see that?”

“I’m sure that this will be all over the news once that story gets out,” said Terry. “But still, I can’t believe that my own dad had a hand in the entire Thomas Stone thing. How did I not foresee this?”

“None of us did,” said Michael.

“Now what do we do since there is no Stranger for us to deal with?” said Sadie.

The kids knew that within a few days, people would be talking about the arrest of Gregory Stewart for cyberstalking and harassing several children under the age of 18. No one would believe that the victims of the crime had somehow gotten the power to turn the tables on their tormentor.

But that’s for another story.

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