The Fake Suicide

I jumped off the bridge and hit the water.

OK, so I didn’t judge the height of the bridge or the depth of the water, but I jumped nonetheless. Instead of the sudden death I had anticipated, I found myself floating on top of the water. The bridge was about 5 feet high, but the water underneath was only four and a half feet deep, as deep as a normal swimming pool.

Well, I’m still alive, which is kind of ironic because I didn’t intend to jump off the bridge in the first place. But my friends yelled at me, saying, “I can’t believe you actually did that! What were you thinking?”

I said, “Well, I figured that if I jumped off the bridge and faked my death, those jerks would leave me alone. I mean, aren’t you tired of everyone wanting me out of the way so they can hang out with you?”

My best friend said, “Are you kidding? They’re going to do a lot better if they want to get rid of you. Speaking of which, let’s fool them into thinking that you’re actually dead. Then you can hide here and scare them when they show up.”

I laughed, knowing that when the bullies next saw me, they would get a taste of their own medicine…

Let Justice Be Served

“Well, I can’t say I’m glad this is happening,” Stuart Greer said to his friends Mara Llewellyn, Irene Haughton, and pearl tanner as they all sat in the courtroom. It had been two and a half months since the trial of Mrs. Schindler began. And to be honest, many people expected her to plead insanity and avoid the entire thing.

(In case you forgot, Mrs. Schindler was accused of cyberstalking and cyberbullying the kids after their friend/ringleader Tanya Chinook disappeared without a trace in 2010. Mrs. Schindler was also accused of hampering police efforts to find Tanya and return her to the Shinnok family.)

“Oh, but it is,” said Irene with a weird smile on her face. “It was already bad enough when Mrs. Brezetta was found guilty of orchestrating Tanya’s kidnapping and was sent to that mental hospital in Montana, but this is ridiculous. I don’t know what’s going  on here, but I know she isn’t going to be let off with a warning.”

“But still, she’s Tara’s mom,” said Mara, “and we can’t wish she’d go to jail, no even to keep us safe.”

“She stalked Tara too,” said Pearl.

“Yeah, and that too,” said Stuart.

To make a long story short, Georgette Schindler was found guilty of her crimes and sentenced to life in prison without parole. The group all sighed with relief, knowing that the nightmare Mrs. Schindler had put them through was over.

Prompt #49. A story about justice being done.

Small Town Mystery

Well, I haven’t the slightest clue why my family and I are living in Cloydston, Virginia. The city is small, with only a population of about 800 people. the streets are narrow, the buildings are at least a century old, and I’m sure there’s hardly a place for a family of four to go for amusement.

Also, our theater is so outdated that by the time the movies get to the theaters, they’re already out on DVD.

That’s how backwards our town is.

Plus, there’s no way anyone can leave this town, not unless you were stupid enough to do so. But when our family moved to that town, four people apparently died when a tree fell on top of their car.

I’m sure something odd is going on with our town if every time someone new comes here and people die.

I find that highly suspicious.

But when I saw a family of seven moving into the house next door to mine, I was sure that before the day was done, seven people were going to die…

Prompt #48. A story set in a strange small town.

Doll Karma

There is a spell that could give you anything you wanted; like all spells, this spell comes with a price few people could afford to pay.

But I didn’t care; I wanted to use that spell to make people like me, despite the fact that I was gay. I didn’t care about what the consequences; I just wanted people to respect me and accept my choices. Plus, I didn’t like those so-called “Christians” and their false philosophy that God did not want a man to lie with another man.

But I should have paid attention to the fine print, as I had performed the spell, I found myself changing into something undesirable. I looked into the mirror and found myself as a doll.

I had turned into a doll. And it was all because of my selfishness, too. What a fool I was.

It’s too bad that those who wanted people to like them and tolerate their sinful ways end up becoming dolls. I never should have used that spell at all, and now, I’m stuck as a doll for the rest of my life.

Yeah, that sucks.

Prompt #47. A story about a magic spell.

The Unparty

Never have I ever been so angry in my life!

It started when I wanted to stay home and watch that new TV show, but my parents forced me to go to this party that this kid from my high school was having. They believed that going to her party would be great for me, but I knew better. that girl was a liar who plays with stuffed toys and talks to imaginary friends even if she’s 15 years old. I tried to explain that to them, but they refused to listen to me. In fact, my mother said, “Either you’re going to this party or you won’t watch any TV for a month.” And she meant it too.

So, I’m now at her party, which (to my disappointment) consisted of nerds and losers from the school. I called the police, pretending to be a neighbor complaining about the noise, but how was I to know that the police officer who came to the house was her own father? I had no choice but to fake getting sick and asking my parents to bring me home.

Well, all I know was that while I’m enjoying the show I was almost banned from watching, I was never going to live down the fact that I was forced to go to a party for a girl I dismissed as “crazy“, but I didn’t even get to know her.

I’m so angry.

Prompt #46: A story about anger.

Hope Taught Me Everything I Know

I was so sure that I was going to die.

I really wished I had asked mom to drive me to school, but I knew I’d never hear the end of it if the other kids found out that I was still getting rides to school from my parents. I know they’d say, “You’re too old to get rides from mommy and daddy. Grow up.” Yet, I wonder how much they really respect their parents if they spoke like that; if I acted like them, I wouldn’t live to see tomorrow.

Which is what almost happened.

The bus driver was trying to drive and some dumbass in a red Pontiac was weaving through the highway traffic so fast that other cars were swerving just to get away from them. Yet when the car in question swerved past the bus, it was too much and the bus tipped over and crashed.

Yet when the car in question swerved past the bus, it was too much and the bus tipped over and crashed. I saw my life flashing in front of me: the times that I had chosen to stay at home instead of going outside to play with the other children. The birthday parties I never had. The other children who laughed at me because I preferred my own company. And now I was going to die alone and friendless.

Not today.

I forced myself out of my seat and found a way off the bus. As I helped many other people get to safety, I wondered about the driver of the Pontiac that crashed into the bus. Were they lonely and friendless as well? Was there no one to take care of them? Well, I would unfortunately never know the answer.

prompt #45: A story about a near-death experience.