Flowers for a Lover (StoryADay Post)

Apoidea on Rosa in the Rose Garden, Bern, Swit...

Apoidea on Rosa in the Rose Garden, Bern, Switzerland (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Jeff held in his hand a dozen roses. He planned to give those roses to his girlfriend, Serena. Serena always loved roses, but because of her mother’s allergies, she was unable to keep a garden. She told Jeff about her wish to have a rose garden, and he decided to find a way to get her the garden that she wanted.

He brought a huge vase for the roses and went to their apartment, where he set the roses on the coffee table. Serena would be surprised when she came home and saw the roses.

It would be the beginning of something good.

In the end is the beginning (StoryADay Post)

English: The Family tree of the three siblings...

English: The Family tree of the three siblings in E. E. Knight’s Age of Fire books. Italicized names married into the family Bold names are male †Known to be dead ‡Status unknown ?Name unknown (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Juniper stood there, staring at a grave. Her grave. The people of Zogamont, California had buried her at Zion Memorial Cemetery when it was proven that she was dead. Juniper had no idea that when she disappeared, people searched for her, fearing that she was already dead. Now that she was at the grave, Juniper realized that her time as Juniper Chadwell was over.

“Juniper!” she turned around and saw Reege, Damon, and Rónand running towards her. How did they get through the portal when they couldn’t go through it at all, she wondered. Instead, she said, “How did you guys find me?”

“it wasn’t hard,” said Damon. “Not when we went through that strange village at the edge of your town.”

“You mean Wonderfair? The abandoned amusement park?” Juniper cried out.

“Yeah,” said Reege. “I know we shouldn’t have come here, but we just couldn’t bear to see you alone without anyone to take care of you.”

“He’s right,” said Rónand. “We never leave a friend behind.”

Juniper was about to respond when a police officer said, “Who are you and what are you all doing here?”

“We’re tourists,” Rónand said without hesitation.

“Tourists?” said the officer with a strange look on his face.

“Precisely,” said Rónand.

“And may I have your names, please?” said the officer.

“Certainly,” said Rónand. “I’m Reginald Wellington-Smith, this is my daughter Juniper Wellington-Smith, and my nephews Ramsey and Dorian Griffin. “We’re from the old country.”

“Let me guess: you’re all from England?” said the officer.

“Yes, we are,” said Juniper before Rónand could speak. “May we go now, sir?”

“I’ll take you back to your hotel room,” said the officer.

“No, that’s all right, sir,” said Juniper. “We were just leaving.”

As they all left the cemetery, Juniper said to Rónand, “How did you really get here? I thought you guys couldn’t come with me when I jumped through the portal. What happened?”

“We worried about you and what would happen to you if you were by yourself in this world,” said Rónand. “Besides, I am a wizard, am I not? So of course there was a way I had to find you.”

“Now that we’re here, what shall we do now?” said Reege. “There’s no way we’re going back to Eswoth, isn’t there?”

“Not for many years,” said Rónand. “But one year here is 100 years in Eswoth. Henfrey will be dead by then and the true king will rise. And we have all the time in the world to ourselves.”

“Why don’t we leave this place and see the rest of this world?” said Damon. “I bet it’s better than what we have here.”

“Of course,” said Juniper. “We do have 100 years to see it all. What happens next is up to us.”

As they continued walking, Juniper realized that she had had a family all along. Reege, Damon, and Rónand became her family through thick and thin to the bitter end. When she defeated Henfrey, she only succeeded because she had her family by her side.

She had no need to be afraid or to hide from the world, not as long as her family was with her.

As all tales must come to an end, so ends this story. Yet, there were more adventures for the four of them to have; those adventures won’t be written here.

To See or Not to See (StoryADay Post)

She was going blind at the age of 18. While most kids were looking forward to graduating from high school, she was instead staring at a future full of complete darkness. The doctors told her parents that there was no way that her sight could be saved; they would have to deal with having a disabled child.

With that, her parents gave up on her having a life after high school. There was no way that she was going to be able to live her life now.

But she wasn’t giving up just yet, not when she could still see. She wanted to see the sights of New York while she still could, before her sight went away forever. But she had a decision to make: did she really want to see everything she could before going blind forever, or did she want to stay home and await the inevitable?

Finding Tanya (StoryADay Post)

The Finding of Moses.

The Finding of Moses. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

On November 11, 2010, Tanya Shinnok was found.

She was found at the Green Hill Manor by a staff worker who saw her in a small room. That worker called the police, who arrested the man guarding her and delivered Tanya to her family, the family that no longer wanted her.

That day, Tanya met up with her friends Mara Llewellyn, Stuart, Greer, Irene Haughton, and Pearl Tanner in Jan’s Clubhouse. As they toasted Tanya’s safe return, Irene said, “We never gave up on you.”

“Well, that’s nice,” said Tanya. “But I don’t understand why someone would want everyone in the city to forget I even existed.”

“Maybe they don’t like you,” said Stuart. “You do know they made up so many bad things about you while you were gone.”

“I see,” said Tanya. “It’s too bad that Archibald Brezetta will have to testify against his own wife for her role in my kidnapping. And I thought she was nice, too.”

“So did I,” said Stuart.

“But the story isn’t over yet,” said Tanya, “as I have something very important to tell you while I was in captivity…”

A Secret Pearl (StoryADay)

Peter Rasputin, ninth grade English teacher at Harrison Creek High School, was keeping a terrible secret. If anyone were to find out what that secret was, it would destroy his reputation.

He had fathered a child when he was only 14 years old. And not just any child; it was one of his students, a girl named Pearl Tanner. Pearl, who many students called “Pearl the Alien” until Irene Haughton forced them all to stop. Pearl, who was once friends with a girl named Tanya Shinnok.

Pearl, who didn’t even know she was her teacher’s daughter.

Peter had kept that secret about Pearl for many years, fearing that his reputation would go down the drain if anyone found out about it. He knew he should tell a therapist about that secret, but who trusts therapists these days? And what would he do if Gemma Challoner got her hands on that story and exposed it to the rest of the city?

A Flaw in the Plan (StoryADay Post)

Tarcey Pate and Junia Brown wanted to be popular and have friends. They were jealous of their cousin Jill Roseberry, who seemed to be popular and get friends without a ton of effort. People liked her, which bothered the two cousins.

But when they saw a show where a person became popular by beating up someone, they decided that they would beat people up and become popular. They thought that being a bully would get them friends.

And that was their big mistake.

When a boy called Harry Moffer enrolled in Warthogpox High School and started talking about how dumb the Larry Dobber books were, Tarcey and Junia immediately sprung into action. They incited many students to turn on Harry and beat him up. But when Jill stuck up for Harry and called her cousins out on their crap, Tarcey and Junia knew they were doomed.

In short, they learned that beating up Harry did NOT make them popular or win them friends. Instead, they received much of the school’s ire and a three-week suspension.

Slices of Life (StoryADay Post)

English: Sleeping baby boy

English: Sleeping baby boy (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A day on the beach

“Dad, can we go to the beach?” 9-year-old Josephyn begged for the umpteenth time. Jacquelyn turned to her and snapped, “If you don’t stop asking dad if we can go to the beach, we’re not going to the beach.”

“That’s enough, girls,” said Arexus as he tried to wrestle Yeagan into his booster seat, “and yes, Josephyn, we’re going to the beach.”

Yet when the family got to the beach, they found out that snakes had invaded the beach the night before and the place had to be closed. Jacquelyn and Josephyn were very upset.

The Big Slide

“Let’s go play on the big slide,” said Aurelius as the kids went to spend a day at the amusement park. After the snakes on the beach fiasco, Arexus thought it was a good idea to cheer the kids up by taking them to the park.

“OK, Ari,” said Rex. “We can go play on the big slide.” But when they got to the slide, the slide was shut down because there were hundreds of black widows living underneath the slide. Aurelius was very upset.

The big birthday

“It’s a boy! You have a son!” The nurse said to Irina as she showed the mother her newest child. Rina endured almost three days of labor, which motivated her husband to take the kids out for the day.

Now that the baby was born, Rina couldn’t wait to tell the rest of the family the good news. Rex came into the room with four unhappy children behind him. Rina said, “Did everyone have fun?”

“No,” said the kids.

Snakes and spiders ruined their fun,” said Rex. He stared at the baby and said, “We’re not having any more kids.”

Trapped in the Attic (StoryADay Post)


Dolls. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Mell was running from the school bully; the bully decided that she would be his new victim, as she was disabled and had no friends. But Mell wasn’t about to become anyone’s victim.

Not when she could run faster than him.

She ran and ran until she reached the old house down the lane. The that everyone in the school claimed was haunted. No one had lived in that house for many years.

Haunted or no, the house seemed to be a safe place for Mell to run to, so she ran up the stairs, heading straight for the parlor. But before she got to the parlor, another set of stairs appeared in front of her. Those stairs led to the attic.

Mell screamed as a strange creature pulled her by her hair and dragged her up the stairs to the attic; she had laughed at her classmates when they told her that the house was haunted, but she shouldn’t have run into the house at all. Not if there was a monster in it.

The monster shoved her into a corner, where there was a collection of dolls. The dolls appeared to have smiled on their faces, as if they too were the monster’s victims. Mell knew that becoming part of the monster’s doll collection was her punishment for running into the old house.

Before she knew it, she was just another set of eyes in a dusty attic, waiting for the stairs to creak.

Not Quite a Merry Christmas (StoryADay Post)

“This is the worst Christmas ever!” Trevor snapped as he watched the Shinnok family arguing over how their family was humiliated by the “Tanya Shinnok” hoax. “Shara, what were you thinking when you created Tanya, anyway?”

“For your information, Trevor, Katrina stole Tanya from me and claimed her as real,” said Shara. “The sooner people find that out, the better off we will be. Besides, it’s not like I’m not filing a lawsuit against the city for basically stealing my character and using her in its twisted fanfiction.”

“You should,” said Trevor. “And even better, you should sue Gemma for trash-talking Tanya. She had no right to do that. Now look at what she did!”

Just then, the kids watched as Raven (Trevor’s father and Shara’s uncle) was berated for failing to be a good father to Tanya. As he yelled back, Shara said, “You’re right, Tre. This IS the worst Christmas ever.”

The Runaway (StoryADay Post)

English: Russian Imperial Family Photo

English: Russian Imperial Family Photo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Lana Yanovna Rabrenova had had enough.

Her life consisted of dealing with a strict father (Yanolay Timurovich Rabrenov), an insensitive mother (Vladislava Ivanovna Uglitskaya) and two unmarried older sisters (Viktoria (Vika) Yanovna Rabrenova and Veronika (Vera) Yanovna Rabrenova). Yano was a minor Russian noble whose fortune was shrinking, but Slava came from a wealthy middle-class family. The couple and their daughters were about to lose their status when the Dowager Empress Marie came to them. She had an offer that they couldn’t refuse.

It was a chance to help her son Czar Nicholas II and his wife Alexandra conceive a healthy heir.

The year before, the Imperial couple welcomed the birth of their son, Aleksei Nicholavitch. The boy was cursed with the feared blood disease hemophilia. The family was worried about the young czarevitch and safety precautions were set up to keep him safe.

That was why the Dowager Empress had approached the Rabrenov family and why Lollys ran away.

“I won’t do it! I won’t!” Lollys snapped in anger after hearing the news that the Dowager Empress had chosen her to bear the czar’s heir. “I won’t bear a child for the czar!”

“But you must, my dear,” said Yano. “You must help your czar.”

“I won’t dishonor my body by giving it to the Czar!” Lollys snapped back. “He might be the ruler of our great country, but he has no right to my body!”

“But you must,” said her mother. “your sisters cannot do it. Plus, they are unmarried and will remain that way for the rest of their lives. You, however, are our only hope of our family being able to regain our status.”

Lollys couldn’t believe her ears; her family and the Dowager Empress were forcing her to do something that she refused to do. There is no way that she was going to be a glorified concubine for the czar.

She had to leave.

Within several minutes, she walked away from the crumbling mansion where she was raised and began running down the road. She didn’t know where she was going, but she had to leave immediately. There was no way in all of Russia that she would possibly submit herself to the czar, as great as he was.

Just as she had put several kilometers between her and her family, someone stepped onto her path. He was tall, with golden white hair and sharp green eyes. He was wearing a long black robe with an orange embroidery. Lollys knew who he was, for she had overheard stories that her mother shared with her friends about the man who worked for the Czar himself; mostly stories about his sexual exploits and his eight bastard children.

“I know who you are,” she said to the man. “You’re Leo Trichenberg, aren’t you?”

“I am,” said Leo, “and what are you doing out here by yourself on this road, might I ask?”

“I’m running away because the Dowager Empress and my family wants me to bear a child for the czar,” said Lollys.

“Oh is that so,” said Leo. “We’ll see about that.”

“What?” said Lollys.

“I can’t believe that Marie went behind my back and attempted to hire you to do just that,” said Leo. “I warned her against this before. Nicholas is a good and faithful czar who would never think of conceiving a child with another woman.”

“Yet you have eight bastard children,” said Lollys.

“Is that all you know about me?” said Leo.

“Well, everyone in town knows about your children,” says Lollys. “They even know about your youngest daughter who lives with the royal family.”

“And yet they know nothing of my hard work and preventing the Russian Revolution from happening,” said Leo. “But that will change. Now, I must have a word with the Dowager Empress about sneaking behind my back and attempting to do something that she doesn’t have any business doing.”

Lollys frowned, knowing what was going to happen next. Would she end up becoming the mother of Leo Trichenberg’s ninth bastard?