Catching a Criminal (StoryADay)

For the last few months, the killer M.A. struck the wealthy people living in Oceanview, killing them. It didn’t matter if they were actors, businessmen, or sports athletes; they all died the same way. The money they had was taken from their families and given to charity.

As the news about the killings increased, many people began to wonder what was going on. Was there no end to the nightmare gripping the city? Was the killer ever going to get caught?

Chas Myers frowned as he poured over the case involving the death of acting superstar Warren Maysonet. The man had been partying with friends when the killer struck him down. luckily, one of his friends had filmed the whole scene and turned it into the police, hoping to catch the killer before he or she struck again.

“I still can’t believe i’m doing this,” Chas said to Jarvis Monroe as they studied the file. “What is going on here? Why is M.A. targeting the rich and stealing the money and jewelry that should have gone to their families?”

“I don’t know,” said Jarvis. “But what I do know is that either the killer is a twisted version of Robin Hood or they have it out for rich people. We must find a way to stop them before they strike again. And this time, we shall make no mistakes.”

Chas frowned, knowing that Monica Dawson was still after him for the murder of her daughter, Erica. three months before, she had shot at him as he was attending a local basketball game. he wasn’t hurt, but the man sitting behind him died. After that incident, Chas had no choice but to arrest Jesse Kendrick for the murder of Erica Dawson. At present, the man was serving a 10-year sentence for his crime.

“Well, I’ve learned my lesson from what I failed to do before,” he said, “But how will I know that M.A. won’t strike again while we’re out?”

“Or they will,” said Jarvis. “They always make a terrible mistake, a mistake that leads to their eventual downfall. I would count on that, if nothing else.”

Chas nodded, but this time, he wasn’t about to take any chances.

Margo Althea Puckett had just made her 174th donation to the God’s Army Shelter. Michele Pederson (Who ran the shelter) said to her, “Thank you for your donation.”

“It’s not me who’s making this particular donation,” said Margo. “You should be thanking Warren Maysonet. After all, he just willed his entire fortune to this organization.”

“Well, that’s impressive of him,” said Jerry Mathison, “but did you know that he has donated millions of dollars from his films to the Kimberly Marshall Foundation to Prevent Cruelty to Disabled People?”

“Really?” said Margo.

“Yes,” said Michele. “Warren always believed that disabled people deserved a chance to live in society instead of being locked away.”

“I see,” said Margo as Chas and Jarvis stood behind her. She had no idea that within the next few minutes, her own life would be changed forever…

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Who is Joannie Ray? (StoryADay Post)

On December 9, Joannie Ray was found dead in her bedroom. No one knew how or why it happened, and the police couldn’t detect any foul play or suicide. But Joannie Ray was dead and that’s all there was to it.

Or maybe that’s not the whole story.

As you can see, everyone knows someone like Joannie Ray. She could have been that shy girl sitting next to you in the classroom, the girl who always kept her head down and never spoke to anyone unless it was a teacher. She could have been the woman next door who always stared out of the window in her living room, never leaving the house. She could have been that woman who sits in the back of your local church, the woman who everyone spoke about as having some mental issues.

She could have been your sister, your daughter, your niece, or your cousin.

But you didn’t care about her, or did you?

Instead of forcing her to be happy, you should have sat her down and listened to her. She never liked being mentally ill or disabled, and yet, you treated her like she was a delicate piece of glass instead of a decent human being.

If you did that, she wouldn’t have to hide her pain behind that ugly clownish smile.

But it’s too late now; you chose to ignore her. And when you did, the demons of the world came and claimed her for their own.

She’s dead now, and it’s all your fault.

The disappearance of a non-existent boy (StoryADay Post)

As his friends chatted about various things, Thomas Stone stepped out of the clubhouse. Earlier, he had been warned to be careful whenever he stepped out of the clubhouse, as there were people out there who were looking to kidnap him. She know that there are many people living in the city of Harrison Creek, Oregon that did not like him for various ( and rather pathetic) reasons.

Such as the person who had been watching him and his friends for a few weeks now.

The person was dressed in bright yellow clothes with a long black overcoat covering his body. The person was also wearing a pair of dark glasses and a fedora. As soon as he saw Thomas, he approached him, saying, “Are you Thomas Stone?”

“Yeah,” Thomas said without so much as skipping a beat. “What’s it to you?”

“I’ve noticed that you’ve been causing plenty of undue trouble for this city,” said the person, “and I think it’s time for you to go.”

“Where am I going?” Thomas quickly began to panic. “Who are you? Why are you doing this? Who sent you here? Have you been stalking me and my friends? What is going on here?”

Instead of answering his questions, the person pulled out a rope from his coat pocket and tied him up. As soon as he was bound and gagged, he took him to a black car and drove away from the clubhouse.

“Let me out! Let me out of here!” Thomas screamed as she pounded on the bottom of the trunk door. “Let me out of here this instant!” But the kidnapper ignored his protests. “You can’t do this to me!” Thomas continued to yell. “I know people, big-named people. When they find out that you talk me, they will hunt you down and tear you apart!”

Yet the kidnapper ignored him as the car continued to drive further and further away from the clubhouse, and farther away from her friends. If anything, Thomas knew that Sadie, Isaac, Michael, and Paul would know he was missing. They would call the police without much hesitation.

To his shock, nothing of that sort happened. In fact, no one knew that he was missing at all. Not until a few days had passed.

But what did happen was the black car stopping at what appeared to be a storage place. Before he knew what was happening, Thomas found himself being pulled out of the trunk. Still bound and gagged, he was carried into the storage building. Another person who was dressed in a dark coat and a fedora notice the first person said, “Were you able to get him?”

“I must admit I had a bit of a struggle restraining him, but not to worry, he’s here now,” said the first person. “And if we play our cards right, no one will ever know that he existed.”

“Good,” said the second person, “but now we must move onto phase 2 of the plan. We have already planted the seeds of hate in this town, especially where those boys concerned. Won’t take long for the police to round up those people on that list and have them taken to jail. The sooner that happens, the sooner we can deal with those Teen Rebels.”

“I agree,” said the first person. “I’m getting real tired of chasing those kids around. Don’t they have anything better to do than to hang out with each other?”

“That is our next project,” said the second person. “Now take that little brat and put him into our cubby hole; we have bigger fish to fry.”

As the two evil people left the place, Thomas untied himself and scrambled around the tiny storage area; he didn’t have any time to waste. He had overheard a plot against his friends and the city they lived in, and he needed to get that information out before it was too late…

A Beginning is Something Else’s Ending (Genderflipped Edition) (StoryADay post)

It was now over.

Michael Lowery, Sadie Green, and Isaac Hammond had graduated from Harrison Creek High School, the school they were forced to attend due to their “unforgivable sin” of befriending the hated Thomas Stone many years ago. To be honest, the kids don’t have much of a choice in that matter.

“I can’t believe that this is over,” said Michael.

“I’m not,” said Sadie with a strange look on her face. “It’s just like that story is repeating itself.”

“Like when we got that letter from the Stranger?” said Paul Turner, who at age 14 was the youngest high school graduate. They all stared at him. “At least Mr. Stewart won’t be cyber-stalking us from behind bars.”

“Still can’t believe that Terry’s dad was the Stranger,” said Isaac.

“Yeah, who knew?” said Michael. “Anyway, I’m feeling kind of depressed.”

“Why?” said Isaac.

“It’s our last day here,” said Michael with a look of concern on his face. “After this, there is no more. Our time as high schoolers is over, as is our lives as teenagers. Soon, it’s off to college with us. Isaac, you’re doing fashion design in San Diego, Sadie, you’re heading to D.C., and I’m going into game design at Texas A&M. It’s time for us to end our youth and prepare to enter the harsh and complicated, for better or worse.”

“I know,” said Sadie, with tears on her face. “It’s so hard to say goodbye to everything we know. We’re all going our separate ways and I don’t know if we’re ever going to see each other again.”

“We still have Facebook,” said Paul.

“But for how long,” said Isaac. “We could be making new friends within a month and forget the friends we had in high school. It’s a thing that I fear the most.”

Shane Stone, overhearing the conversation, came to them, saying, “Don’t think of this as the end. Instead, think of this as a new beginning, a time for new discoveries and new experiences. We have the future before us, but we can’t have that future if we keep holding onto the past. Like, remember when you had to let go of Thomas and move on with your lives and enjoy your high years. Now that those years are ending, we need to let go of our youth and go on with our lives. Besides, you’ll never know when you’re going to see each other again. I wondering if I’ll see you guys again; after all, my other friends and I are jetting off to Fresno next week.”

He said to them, “Well I had fun hanging out with you guys, but it’s time for me to head back to California and my other friends. I’ll see you on the flip side.”

With that, he bounded out the room.

Michael, Sadie, Isaac, and Paul stood together for the final time, knowing that even though all things (such as their high school years) ended, they knew that for better or worse, they would see a brand-new beginning.

Trapped in the Labyrinth (Genderflipped Edition) (StoryADay Post)

Thomas Stone was trapped in a labyrinth.

He stared at the endless rows of storage units, not knowing where to go. Yet he only knew he had to get out before they found him.

But where would he go? He had no idea of where he was or how he got to where he was. He knew that no matter what, he had to escape.

Thomas stared at a huge folder in the corner of the storage unit where he was held. The folder contained files on him and his friends Sadie Green, Michael Lowery, Isaac Hammond, and Paul Turner. The files were the kids’ birth certificates, school records, and other things that other people shouldn’t know about.

With that, Thomas grabbed the folder and ran down the hall, not looking back. The building was dark, but he didn’t care. He ran in any direction his feet took him, knowing that one wrong turn could mean that not only would his life be destroyed, but the lives of his friends were in jeopardy. He couldn’t take that risk.

Just as he made another turn down another corridor, a huge light flashed. Someone was coming into the place. Thomas tensed, hoping that that person wouldn’t see him. The last thing he needed was to be attacked by another person, especially by a person who didn’t like him. He was not going to be another victim of someone’s hate.

Luckily for him, the person walked by without even noticing him. But he wasn’t out of danger yet. Thomas stared down the hall where the person came and noticed that the door to the storage building was open. Finally, he was free.

Or was he?

Whatever Happened to Anastasia Elan and Treasure Dara? (StoryADay Post)

On September 11, 2001, as the world watched the destruction of the World Trade Center in New York, two very small girls watched as the attacks took the lives of their parents. (Even if we somehow found out the truth about the deaths of Logan Dara and Andrea Marshall a few years ago.) An entire nation watched as the girls (along with Anastasia’s sister Consuelo and Treasure’s brothers Homer, Lancel, and David and their older cousins Lysander and Margaret Michaelson) grow up, we at the Stale Grapes News Magazine have followed the girls since they were four and three years old. Now 19 and 18, Anastasia and Treasure are currently students at Princeton University. On the 15th anniversary of September 11, 2001 attacks, we have caught up to them to get their perspective on the infamous day.

Me: It’s good to see you guys again.

Anastasia Marshall: Well, I’m glad that you’re doing this interview.

Treasure Dara: I still wonder why people are so obsessed with the September 11th attacks. It’s not like our parents had anything to do with it.

Me: Let’s cut to the chase. How have you girls been doing since your last interview?

Anastasia Marshall: You mean it’s been five years since we were last interviewed by this magazine? For shame.

Treasure Dara: You would think if America was more interested in us more than the Kardashian sisters, they would demand that we’d have our own reality TV show.

Anastasia Marshall: Maybe we should call Kim up and ask her to help us design our show.

Me: Whatever. So, the entire nation is dying to know, how have you girls been doing since the last interview?

Treasure Dara: Well, we’re not telling you anything.

Anastasia Marshall: If you’d like to know, we’ve graduated from Oak Park High School in 2014 and we are now going to Princeton University.

Treasure Dara: I’m majoring in graphic design and Anastasia has chosen psychology.

Me: Well, that’s interesting. I was half hoping that you girls would go with acting.

Anastasia Marshall: We do…when the price is right. But right now, we’re focusing on our education. If you want to read any wild stories about us, try the tabloids.

Treasure Dara: Which you can’t, because the Twang-Shaio Bill of 2013 has officially banned tabloids after actress Darlene Larry sued Portrait Magazine for libel after the magazine printed an article claiming that she was an alien from the planet Foyzuno.

Anastasia Marshall: She nearly destroyed that magazine.

Treasure Dara: After that, all tabloids were shut down and even the Stale Grapes News was temporarily show down. All satirical news sites were investigated.

Anastasia Marshall: And Darlene’s acting career was destroyed in that onslaught.

Me: Well, that’s impressive. But what I’d like to know is, why are you calling yourself Anastasia Marshall?

Anastasia Marshall: Well, in 2005, my grandparents decided to change my last name to Marshall, as they blamed my father for my mother’s death. When the Elan family objected, my grandfather appealed to the public and the next year, when I turned 10, my sister Consuelo and I were given the name Marshall, which was our mother’s maiden name. I’ve been using that name since.

Treasure Dara: And I’m sure you’ve heard about when my mother and stepfather got divorced.

Me: Can’t say I have. That was quite a scandal, wasn’t it?

Treasure Dara: Yup.

Anastasia Marshall: Can’t forget about that, or can we?

Me: Well, I must say it’s great to finally meet with you guys and get the scoop of what’s going on since the world first knew your names.

Anastasia Marshall: Thank you.

Escaping from Her Private Hell (StoryADay Post)

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A few years ago, I had been a victim of kidnapping.

Since that time, I had gone from being a happy child to a teenager who now isolates herself from the world. For example, I have never left my room, nor do I leave the house. I stopped going to school, stopped speaking to my friends and even ignored my relatives whenever they came for a visit.

And the sad thing about it is that I used to be friendly.

It’s like nobody cares about what I went through during that harrowing time and they still don’t care about what I’m going through today. They don’t care that I have nightmares, nor do they care that I’m practically dying inside.

I hope that creepy man is getting what he deserves because he destroyed my life. There’s no excuse for him to do what he did.

But will no one bother to help me?