The Necessary Reboot (StoryADay Post)

During the 1980s, especially the year 1985, there was a little cartoon called “Ultraponies” that came on TV every Saturday. The characters Citrody, Cinnaris, Popconica, and Velventine captured the hearts of many little girls in the United States.

But it didn’t last because when the 1980s ended, so did the show.

During the 1990s, “Ultraponies” was forgotten in favor of shows such as “Space Wizards”, “Doctor Mighty” and “Magic Monkey Girls”. Also, the fact that Disney had a huge stranglehold over the 1990s didn’t help much in the cartoon department.

But that too didn’t last, as in the 2000s, Saturday morning cartoons were being phased out in favor of shows aimed at preteens and teenagers. These shows, such as “The Darrisons”, “Life at Walker Middle School”, and “Jenny Sweets”, began to chip away at the innocence of children by subjecting them to various things such as peer pressure/bullying, child abuse, and even homosexuality, which the producers tried to hide in these shows.

But Oscar McNeil at Cloudgraphs Studio refused to go down that road. So he revived “Ultraponies” in order to destroy these so-called “teen shows” and make Saturday morning cartoons fun (and mandatory for children) once again.

But will he succeed? Can “Ultraponies” find popularity with a new audience? Who knows what’s going to happen.

How Not to Write Fanfiction (StoryADay Post)

Dylan Drake and the Stupid Story That Repeats Itself by Belle Dancer (Noelle Forbes)

One day, Cyrus Nicholson, Jesse Barham, David Harrison, and April Weinstein were playing in the Misty Forest when Shane Dinanham showed up. As usual, he wore the most shiny and glittery outfit known to man.

“Shane what are you doing here?” Cyrus snapped as everyone glared at him. “Nobody likes you, so why are you bothering us?”

“It’s about Dylan,” said Shane. “He’s about to go on one of those dangerously suicidal missions again! We have to stop him before he does something completely stupid!”

“Oh come on, Shane,” said Dylan Drake as he showed up. “You know yourself. I was just down at The King’s Alehouse getting something to drink.”

“Please don’t tell me that he’s here,” said Cyrus.

“Who? Estazius Bloodworth?” said Dylan. “Please! That guy clearly doesn’t know when to take a break. Doesn’t he get tired of me beating him up and every other story?”

“You wish,” said Shane. “It’s not like he’s going to want to listen to reason. He’s a bad guy; it’s what they do.”

“Of course that’s what we do,” said the evil sorcerer as he showed up. “Prepare to die again, Dylan Drake!”

“Seriously? We gotta go through this again?” cried Dylan as he glared at Bloodworth. “Don’t you get tired of having to chase after me in every single book? It’s getting boring!”

“Like it or not, I’m still chasing after you, boy,” said Bloodworth, “and this time, I’m going to…”

Just then, the director of the TV show came out and said, “This program has been permanently cancelled, so goodbye everyone!”

-The End!

Catching a Criminal (StoryADay)

For the last few months, the killer M.A. struck the wealthy people living in Oceanview, killing them. It didn’t matter if they were actors, businessmen, or sports athletes; they all died the same way. The money they had was taken from their families and given to charity.

As the news about the killings increased, many people began to wonder what was going on. Was there no end to the nightmare gripping the city? Was the killer ever going to get caught?

Chas Myers frowned as he poured over the case involving the death of acting superstar Warren Maysonet. The man had been partying with friends when the killer struck him down. luckily, one of his friends had filmed the whole scene and turned it into the police, hoping to catch the killer before he or she struck again.

“I still can’t believe i’m doing this,” Chas said to Jarvis Monroe as they studied the file. “What is going on here? Why is M.A. targeting the rich and stealing the money and jewelry that should have gone to their families?”

“I don’t know,” said Jarvis. “But what I do know is that either the killer is a twisted version of Robin Hood or they have it out for rich people. We must find a way to stop them before they strike again. And this time, we shall make no mistakes.”

Chas frowned, knowing that Monica Dawson was still after him for the murder of her daughter, Erica. three months before, she had shot at him as he was attending a local basketball game. he wasn’t hurt, but the man sitting behind him died. After that incident, Chas had no choice but to arrest Jesse Kendrick for the murder of Erica Dawson. At present, the man was serving a 10-year sentence for his crime.

“Well, I’ve learned my lesson from what I failed to do before,” he said, “But how will I know that M.A. won’t strike again while we’re out?”

“Or they will,” said Jarvis. “They always make a terrible mistake, a mistake that leads to their eventual downfall. I would count on that, if nothing else.”

Chas nodded, but this time, he wasn’t about to take any chances.

Margo Althea Puckett had just made her 174th donation to the God’s Army Shelter. Michele Pederson (Who ran the shelter) said to her, “Thank you for your donation.”

“It’s not me who’s making this particular donation,” said Margo. “You should be thanking Warren Maysonet. After all, he just willed his entire fortune to this organization.”

“Well, that’s impressive of him,” said Jerry Mathison, “but did you know that he has donated millions of dollars from his films to the Kimberly Marshall Foundation to Prevent Cruelty to Disabled People?”

“Really?” said Margo.

“Yes,” said Michele. “Warren always believed that disabled people deserved a chance to live in society instead of being locked away.”

“I see,” said Margo as Chas and Jarvis stood behind her. She had no idea that within the next few minutes, her own life would be changed forever…

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