Volunteering is not a waste of time! (StoryADay Post)

A 22-year-old man decides to volunteer at a home for mentally disabled people, except that his parents object to him volunteering because they believe that helping mentally disabled people is a waste of time.

“You’re being unreasonable, mom,” said Drew¬†Gallagher¬†when his mother, Jill, objected to his plans to volunteer at a shelter that housed mentally disabled people.

“I’m not being unreasonable,” said Jill. “I’m just saying that helping those who can’t take care of themselves is a waste of time.”

“And besides,” said his father, Samuel, “there’s plenty of other things that you can do instead of working at that shelter. Have you considered the ASPCA?”

“You know I don’t like animals,” said Drew. “And what’s so wrong with helping mentally disabled people? They are people, yet they just need a bit of help.”

“I don’t want my son being involved in this,” said Samuel, “not when he has the potential to do so much more.”

“It doesn’t matter,” said Drew. “I’m 22 years old, not 16. I have the right to decide what to do with my time. If I want to help people who need help instead of going to parties or dating, then who are you to stop me? You’re my parents, not my friends.”

He left the room, wondering how things could have gone so wrong between him and his family. He thought about the next door neighbors and their disabled son who never left the house, not even to go to school. That boy could have benefited from being at the shelter, where he would learn basic life skills and how to take care of himself instead of sitting at home watching TV all day.

He knew that this was right, helping people save their disabled family members from isolation, depression, and possible abuse from family members or caregivers. He owed it to that neighbor to work at that place.

Even if his parents saw it as a waste of time.

A rare moment in a story about a fake girl and 4 non-troublemaking teenagers (StoryADay Post)

English: Female Wild Turkeys (Meleagris gallop...

English: Female Wild Turkeys (Meleagris gallopavo) taken near Rideau River, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

You may think that life at Harrison Creek High School was a sad one, with kids being forced to attend a school that was secretly being run by a group of students who claimed to had the school’s best interests.

Also, you may believe that the students were obsessed over a fraudulent story about a bullied girl and her four best friends who hated society. A group of students were so obsessed over that story that they tried to force that story upon the rest of the school.

But that’s not all the school is.

In fact, between these two extremes, there was a rare moment of happiness that occurred in a small section of the school.

Julian Robinson sat by the small creek that ran next to the school. He and several others were searching for any animals that lived at or around the creek. They didn’t care about what was going on at the school at all.

“I just saw a newt,” said Terrance Cherry as a small creature ran right by them.

“Nah, that’s more like a chameleon,” said Wikimak Walker. “They can change to blend in with their background.”

“You’re both wrong,” said Shawn Barron. “That was a…”

But the debate was interrupted when Leilani Nelson said, “You gotta see this!”

On the abandoned baseball field, there were several wild turkeys running around, not knowing or caring that they were living on school grounds. They had made that place their home.

“No one is going to believe this,” said Julian as they all pulled out their cell phones and took pictures of the turkeys.

Of course, the students who attended Harrison Creek High School were more interested in the turkeys who lived on the baseball field than the story about Tanya Shinnok and the Teen Rebels.

That is more than what we can say concerning this story.

The Grand Adventures of Jacquel Rassenworth, the Meme Girl (StoryADay Post)

I know you all know who I am. I know you also know what I am capable of doing.

I, Jacquel Rassenworth, know how to humiliate my enemies using the power of memes.

Like when a class bully insisted on stealing other people’s homework and turning it in as his own, I used his school portrait and wrote the words “I AM A BULLY AND A CHEATER” on it and displayed the picture in the school’s front office.

Safe to say, though, his reputation was irrevocably ruined and he was expelled from school a few days after my meme prank.

But that’s not all, for I have some more examples of my powers.

Like a few months after my first meme, a girl began spreading false rumors about certain people. I hit her back by writing on her picture “GOSSIP GIRL” and posting that picture in the front office. She was later suspended for her lies.

With that, no one in the school was safe from me and my memes; not even the teachers would be able to escape from me if they did something bad. But no one knew that it was me making up memes and spreading them all over the school.

In fact, they referred to me as the “Meme Girl”, the girl who used memes to destroy bullies and other bad students. Yet I was never caught posting memes in the front office for some odd reason.

But when it came time for me to attend high school, I used the Internet to expose people who did things that I didn’t like and made those people into memes. One example was that a bully who everyone was scared of was picking on some kid I knew in my band class and calling him gay. I found a picture of said bully wearing a dress and wrote on it “I AM A BOY WHO LIKES TO WEAR DRESSES“. Oddly enough, the other students saw that picture and called him gay, prompting him to stop picking on the poor kid.

And once again, no one knew that it was me who exposed the bully for what he truly was.

The Meme Girl has struck again. And who will she get next?

Cease and desist this obnoxious parody right now! (StoryADay Post)

Dear Mr. Hanlon,

We do not like how you twisted up our story in your book, “Harry Moffer & the Really Stupid Sequel“. That story is offensive to everyone who lived High School Musical and it destroyed our story.

At no point in your story did anything you write make any sense. You turned us from four very smart girls who were doing research about the princess Anastasia Romanov into four maniacs who are trying to force an entire high school to be interested in a princess that is a mockery of our beloved Anastasia.

We order you to cease and desist any further publication of this farce of our story.

Jennifer Yabut, Nancy Levevsky, Oriana Martin, and Spencer Peterson

To Jennifer Yabut, Nancy Levevsky, Oriana Martin, and Spencer Peterson,

You four have no right to tell me what to do in terms about your story. Also, what I’m writing about you is called a PARODY, in which I poke fun at everything that is wrong with your story.

Plus, I find it odd that a bunch of eighth graders like you are interested in someone like Anastasia Romanov. Don’t you have some boy bands to obsess over?

Now stop bothering me and let me do my work, OK? I don’t have time to listen to the complaints of four whiny teenyboppers who don’t have anything productive to do.


Osgar Hanlon

More Twitterfiction (StoryADay Post)

I have no idea of what I’m doing, but I must do it anyway. I have to put an end to the lies and rumors which I have heard all over the city.

A dark, messed-up fairy tale (StoryADay Post)

English: A Fairy Tale by Dorothy M.Wheeler

English: A Fairy Tale by Dorothy M.Wheeler (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It was said that with every child that has a good life, there are two children whose lives are filled with nothing but misery.

And the lives of Colleen and Alvin Jaworski are filled with more misery than a sad story.

They had lost their father in a terrible house fire and their mother vanished without a trace. They were shopped off to stay with a cruel grandfather, who saw fit to separate the two children from each other by sending Colleen (along with her brother Hayden and sister Jennie) to stay with a cousin named Petrel, who lived in a small cabin in the woods while Alvin remained with his grandfather.

While Alvin seemed to enjoy a better life with the old man, Colleen suffered the indignity of having to be an orphan. And not only that, she and her older siblings were mistreated by their guardian, not being allowed to leave the cabin at all, not even to go to town.

But one day, the three siblings slipped out of the cabin and went into the woods, where all sorts of dangerous creatures lived. Not only that, but there lived a giant that ruled over the woods and everyone who lived in it. The giant king was a cruel and horrible man who was known to eat people who walked in the woods by his castle.

Colleen knew that she was in trouble when she noticed the giant and went to warn her siblings. Together, they fought the cruel giant and defeated him, but Hayden and Jennie died of their injuries soon after the fight.

After the giant’s death, the woods healed and Petrel was crushed to death by a newly planted tree that grew in the cabin. Colleen decided to spend the rest of her life repairing the woods and fueling over the creatures that lived in it.

Preparation (StoryADay Post)

Schoolchildren eating hot school lunches made ...

Schoolchildren eating hot school lunches made up primarily of food from the surplus commodities program. Taken at a school in Penasco, New Mexico, United States. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It was time for Shara to get ready for school.

She didn’t know why she continued to attend Harrison Creek High School, especially when it was revealed that there were several students that were secretly running the school. How and why no one informed the principal of that never ceased to astound her.

She was going to be doing the revealing, mind you.

Shara got dressed and went to the kitchen to make herself some lunch. She could care less about the “school’s” policy on homemade lunches; her parents weren’t about to pay for school lunches, not when she could always bring her own lunch from home.

With lunch made and sitting by her bag, Shara sat down to breakfast, being aware that even though the school served breakfast, she wasn’t about to eat anything that was prepared by the cafeteria workers. Most of the food, according to the students, wasn’t even fit for human consumption at all.

After breakfast, Shara grabbed her things and headed to the park to wait for the school bus. Several kids had been there during the time that she had her breakfast and made her lunch. Those poor kids had to follow the “school’s” rules or else they would risk getting in serious trouble.

But not Shara, who was known as a risk taker. She would not follow the rules of a few misguided “students” whose one desire is to take over the school and not allow the principal to do his job. She knew better than that.