At the end of his rope (StoryADay Post)

He knew that his patience was gone.

He was done with people picking on him, calling bad names, and lying whenever he complained to a teacher regarding the abuse.

Jed Hamilton was a victim of child abuse.

No adult would dare mistreat him, not even his parents would raise a hand to him to hurt him. It was several of the students at Lochland High School who were the main reasons for the abuse.

Jed frowned, knowing that what these students did to him went beyond normal bullying. Normal bullies pushed kids down in the hallways and took their lunch money. Those bullies usually stopped when a teacher and their parents were notified.

But not his bullies. In fact, what they did to him was so bad, it’s unfit for publication.

Unlike most bullied kids, no one was able to stick up for Jed, nor were they allowed to. Not even the teachers were allowed to help him and telling his parents that he was being bulliedwas completely out of the question. His tormentors would kill him if they found out that he had exposed their abuse to the public.

Jed was at the very end of his rope.

Being stuck in a never-ending nightmare, with no one allowed to help him, and not being allowed to cry for help, Jed knew that there was only one way that he was going to end this cycle of abuse before he himself began bullying and abusing other students.

He stared at the gun in his hand, a gun that he had stolen from a next-door neighbor. He knew that stealing was wrong and shooting people was wrong, but he had no choice.

It was either kill his abusers or kill himself.

And Jed Hamilton was going to make sure that someone was dead before that day was over.