The aftermath (StoryADay Post)

Adam: Well, looks like the plan worked.

Joanna: Of course it worked. Why wouldn’t it work? It’s not like it was going to fail.

Adan: But then again, we knew we could risk running into some serious trouble if anyone were to find out that we were helping Jed escape from his tormentors.

Joanna: And then again, if it weren’t for us, he would have shot up the entire school and killed scores of people, including your girlfriend.

Adam: Joanna, please don’t.

Joanna: I do what I please, little brother. Don’t forget, I am the brains behind this little venture.

Adam: And the only reason why Javier agreed to it was because you would fry someone’s brains.

Joanna: Not like I actually wanted to, Adam. But it would have been nice if I had fried that Clayton Bingham’s brains out.

Adam: And then you’d have to explain to little Clara why you killed her big brother.

Joanna: Not like she isn’t going to be finding out all the terrible things that Clayton and his girlfriend did to Jed.

Adam: They’re all going to find out about this very soon. No sense in protecting the kids from such terrible things as this, especially since they are going to be entering high school sooner or later.

Joanna: So, all we have to worry about is how Jed is going to take the news of his tormentors being arrested. Not to mention the number of people who could be arrested for not stopping the abuse or reporting it to a teacher.

Adam: Too bad a whole bunch of other kids could be going to jail for not allowing Jed to function as a normal high school student.

Joanna: And it’s their own fault. If people cared more for other people instead of themselves and what they wanted, then stuff like this wouldn’t be happening.

Javier: Let’s go, you two. We have a lot to do and there isn’t time for us to be wasting. Parents will have to be notified and the superintendent is calling for a press conference on Friday. I suggest that you both prepare yourselves.