Shocking News (StoryADay Post)

Today, I heard the most shocking news story; yet another celebrity announces that he is gay.

I found myself wondering why is that news? Why do people need to care about stuff like that? It’s not like its going to make a difference in their own lives whether or not a celebrity is gay.

I then log onto Facebook. To my shock, everyone I know is talking about that celebrity’s homosexuality as if it was the most important thing out there in the world. Don’t they know that they could be talking about other things, such as how to get rid of hunger, poverty, and diseases instead of celebrities and their strange behavior?

This is why I don’t like talking about celebrities at all. They just take attention away from the real issues, issues such as poverty, hate, racism, and how to put an end to those things.

Also, why did that celebrity feel that they have the need to tell everyone about their homosexuality? Why would anyone actually care if they were gay or not? Is it going to change the world if that person is gay or not?

Why people choose to pay attention to celebrities instead of the bigger issues of the day, I’ll never understand.