How Humiliating! (Retelling of “The Emperor’s New Clothes”) (StoryADay Post)

Never in life had I been so humiliated!

All I asked for was a new suit to wear and impress the people of my kingdom and what do I get? Nothing!

That’s right. I was wearing nothing but my birthday suit. And to make matters worse, the people all saw me naked, from the babies that were recently born to the old people who sat on the city’s streets.

Everyone had seen me naked.

I should have known not to trust those two tailors who claimed that they could make me the best suit in town. They had tricked me and my court into that terrible scheme.

But there was one way that I could correct this humiliating mistake.

“Guards!” I yelled and several men came towards me, all dressed in their uniforms. “Find those two tailors and bring them to me! They will pay for this travesty!”

And as the guards rushed out to obey my orders, I realized that though I was vain, I was never going to be fooled by anyone again.